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What does slang name Nae Nae mean?

Nae Nae is the name of a popular dance that originated in Atlanta.The dance inspired the song, Drop that Nae Nae by the rap group, Weare Toonz.
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How do you say hi nae in spanish?

"Hi Nae" in Spanish is "Hola, Nae". You would pronounce the name the same way as in English, because it doesn't translate to Spanish.
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How do you change nae of pet on foopets?

you mean name you go to your profile and by the pic of your pet it says pets profile click on that then click on edit pet description then i will have a box that says your pet ( Full Answer )
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What does ah nae mean in Korean?

Ahnae is the informal way of saying Buin which means Wife. Korean husbands will usually call their wives by the names "Buin" or Ah Nae."
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What scrabble words end in nae?

alumnae. amphisbaenae. antennae. avifaunae. carinae. catenae. choanae. cisternae. coronae. echidnae. entomofaunae. epifaunae. faunae. ichthyofaunae. infaunae. lacunae. laminae ( Full Answer )
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What is the nae mean in English?

In general, it means "Yes". But people also say that when they agree with what the other person is saying.
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What are naes?

When a board of directors or a government legislature decides tovote verbally on an issue, a bill, a piece of business, a proposal,etc., the person presiding over the meeting ( Full Answer )
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How do you do the nae nae?

when doing the nae nae you put one are up and rock with it to gobig lexi or fumble the nae nae
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What movie and television projects has Nae Caranfil been in?

Nae Caranfil has: Performed in "Salutari de la Agigea" in 1984. Played Cazimir in "Promisiuni" in 1985. Performed in "In fiecare zi mi-e dor de tine" in 1987. Played Karaoke s ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Nae Mazilu been in?

Nae Mazilu has: Performed in "Toamna bobocilor" in 1975. Performed in "Bunicul si doi delincventi minori" in 1976. Played Simion in "Iarna bobocilor" in 1977. Played Irimie in ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Hank Nae been in?

Hank Nae has: Played Hank in "Oscar the Grouch" in 2011. Played Howard in "The Sushi Bar" in 2011. Played Additional Character in "The Strangely Normal" in 2012. Played Police ( Full Answer )
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What movie and television projects has Nae Roman been in?

Nae Roman has: Performed in "O zi pierduta" in 1960. Performed in "Politica si... delicatese" in 1963. Played Profesorul de muzica Corian in "Strainul" in 1964. Performed in " ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for Nae-boo-soon-hwan-seon - 2006?

Nae-boo-soon-hwan-seon - 2006 was released on: Netherlands: 25 January 2006 (International Film Festival Rotterdam) Netherlands: 1 February 2006 (International Film Festi ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Ing-nae Kim written?

Ing-nae Kim has written: 'Semu hoegye silmu' -- subject(s): Corporations, Accounting, Law and legislation, Tax accounting, Standards