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What does it mean to nag?

To "nag" is to go on and on and on about the same thing,hoping to convince someone to do something usually.To "nag" can also mean to moan about things all the time.. what my ( Full Answer )
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Is Nag Champa incense toxic?

Yes. Incense sticks are wood, and all wood burning, especially wood burning at low temperatures, generates significant air pollution. This is why wood fires are sometimes b ( Full Answer )
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What are the Nag Hamaddi Gospels?

The Nag Hammadi texts are a group of texts written in Coptic whichwere discovered in Egypt in 1945. They constitute a body of GnosticChristian literature, as well as a few Her ( Full Answer )
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Does your nagging about your husbands smoking effect him?

It will most likely annoy him. The more you nag the more annoyed he might become. He might even become angry. But, it is doubtful that he will quit smoking.
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Why do moms nag?

We have no choice but to repeat ourselves when our children choose what to hear and therefor ignore doing what we ask of them. We are not fooled though which is why we persist ( Full Answer )
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How are nag and nagaina alike and different?

Nag and Nagaina in "Rikki Tikki Tavi" are alike in that they are both snakes, and they both want to accomplish that same thing (getting rid of Rikki). They both plot and schem ( Full Answer )
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Why do parents nag?

to get you off your butt and make you start working and to get you to do stuff because kids can be real big lazy butts
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Why does your wife nag?

Because she is unhappy. She is expressing herself in a way that is getting your attention even if it is the wrong attention it still is attention. Help her to relax and talk t ( Full Answer )
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Are moms such a nag?

at certain times i guess. hell yes there always there telling you what to do and they always bug you when you have freinds and especially when you have your girlfriend over s ( Full Answer )
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Do girls ever stop nagging?

Not usually, but they might if you treat them well and help them feel secure.
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What is nagative feedback?

Negative feedback is a form of criticism. An example of negativefeedback would be a food critic writing about how terrible the foodor service was at a restaurant he tried.
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What kind of animal is a nag?

A horse is sometimes referred to as a nag. The nag is a horse thatis in poor health or very old in age.
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How do you nag your parents to get a dog?

All you have to do is either ask them as many times as you can.... or say the only thing you want for your birthday is a puppy/dog.
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What can you do for a nagging bladder infection?

See a doctor. He/She will order culture and sensitivity tests and prescribe an antibiotic best suited for your particular infection. Make sure you take the full course prescri ( Full Answer )
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Why do mothers nag?

Mothers around the world nag because their children have simplylearned that they can ignore their mother and get away with it. Anyeffective mother with obedient children will ( Full Answer )
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What is there to do in nags head beach?

Well, if you are looking for things to do, then Nags Head is the place! Nags Head is a great spot for restaurants, nightlife, and many other attractions.
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Why do you need the Nag Hammadi scrolls?

The Nag Hammadi scrolls (The Dead Sea Scrolls) are not "necessary" for anything passage of the Bible. They do, however, provide us assurance of the accuracy of transmission of ( Full Answer )
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How do you avoid his nag?

Those people who are subjected to nagging, not only keep themselves worried but also make lives of others hell. It is some sort of restlessness that makes a man nagging. It ca ( Full Answer )
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What does nag means?

nag mean to get on somebody nerves and that they dont like u cause u are annoying
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What is the synonym of nag?

badger, pester, plague, harass, hassle, harry, keep on at, carp at, needle irritate, annoy, worry, trouble, torment, irk, disturb, vex, bother, distress
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How do you get your girlfriend to stop nagging?

There isn't really a way to get girls to stop bitching, but if it really bothers you then you just have to tell her how you feel and she'll probably try to stop.
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How do you stop a nagging wife?

First talk to her.If that doesn't work try marriage counseling.If that doesn't work.DIVORCE! Answer First, you show up and do what you say. If you are sure that is the ca ( Full Answer )
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Why do moms always nag and be annoying?

They eventually quit nagging and annoying when the things they are nagging you and annoying you about become unconscious habits for you. And those are always very good unconsc ( Full Answer )
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How do you cope with nagging parents?

By just following their directions and doing something positive and something that makes you happy.
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Why do brunettes nag blondes?

Usually it is because the brunettes are jealous of the blondes' hair. They can also be hurt because of their personal hair color. Blond hair is the more popular hair color, an ( Full Answer )
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Who nags MORE men or women?

The typical response would be that women nag more than men, but inreality thats not true. Men tend to nag more than women as most menhave stronger memories and tend to remembe ( Full Answer )
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What do nags eat?

By 'nags' I will assume you mean an older horse. Geriatric horses may need different nutrition than their younger counterparts. Dental care is vital for any horse's health, an ( Full Answer )
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Why do men nag?

Men nag because they love you. They are trying to tell you that they love you and that men being annoying is seriously natural and in there words the answer to them is being ( Full Answer )
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Why does my mom always nag?

cause she loves you, moms love to make sure the nag so that there little lambs grow up into perfect tea cosys :)
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Where to get nag kesar flower in Mumbai?

Saffron kesar can be found online at many site's. one example would be ,This spice is very known and used in many ways.It is beautiful in color as a flower.
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What is nagative x axis?

It is part of the negative and positive horizontal x axis on the Cartesian plane
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Make a sentence with the word nag?

The stallion was not interested in the old nag. She would nag himabout the garbage until he took it out.
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What is the noun of nag?

The word 'nag' is both a verb and a noun . The noun 'nag' is a word for someone who is persistentlyfault-finding or continuously urging; a word for a horse that isold and u ( Full Answer )