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What does it mean to nag?

To "nag" is to go on and on and on about the same thing,hoping to convince someone to do something usually.To "nag" can also mean to moan about things all the time.. what my (MORE)
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Why do moms nag?

We have no choice but to repeat ourselves when our children choose what to hear and therefor ignore doing what we ask of them. We are not fooled though which is why we persist (MORE)
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Why does your wife nag?

Because she is unhappy. She is expressing herself in a way that is getting your attention even if it is the wrong attention it still is attention. Help her to relax and talk t (MORE)
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Are moms such a nag?

at certain times i guess. hell yes there always there telling you what to do and they always bug you when you have freinds and especially when you have your girlfriend over s (MORE)
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Why do mothers nag?

Mothers around the world nag because their children have simplylearned that they can ignore their mother and get away with it. Anyeffective mother with obedient children will (MORE)
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How do you avoid his nag?

Those people who are subjected to nagging, not only keep themselves worried but also make lives of others hell. It is some sort of restlessness that makes a man nagging. It ca (MORE)
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What is the synonym of nag?

badger, pester, plague, harass, hassle, harry, keep on at, carp at, needle irritate, annoy, worry, trouble, torment, irk, disturb, vex, bother, distress
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What do nags eat?

By 'nags' I will assume you mean an older horse. Geriatric horses may need different nutrition than their younger counterparts. Dental care is vital for any horse's health, an (MORE)
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Why do men nag?

Men nag because they love you. They are trying to tell you that they love you and that men being annoying is seriously natural and in there words the answer to them is being (MORE)