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In Delaware if you wear a BDU that has no nametags or any ID on it can you be charged with Inpersonation?

Just undecorated BDU's? No. Not unless it bears some kind of markings or insignia of rank or organization that would tend to make someone believe you were a member of a milita (MORE)
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What is the portion of the flu virus that acts like a nametag?

Simple child, simple. First get a big ole stick and jab thattextbook. Then you play a lil' bit of baseball with a side offries. Don't forget this all must be done on a plane f (MORE)
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What happen in you apply a untradable nametag to an item in tf2?

Nothing changes, other than having a name or description put ontoyour item (if you used a name tag, or a description tag,respectively). I've used an untradable name/desc tag g (MORE)