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What is the function of the nares?

HUMANS Nares are the medical name for the nostrils. The nostrils of a human serve to give us a faster pathway to ourair supply, and they also hold hairs sometimes called vibri (MORE)
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What are frogs' nares?

The nostril openings towards the tip of its snout that it breathesthrough (its nose). There are internal nares that close off when the frog isunderwater.
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What is the function of frog nares?

When the frog is swimming, its can breath by only putting the tip of its nose out of the water. Uses it to breath .
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What are external nares?

External nares refer to external nostrils. This term is generallyused for animals like frogs that have both internal and externalnares.
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Where are internal nares?

Internal nares are located right after the nasal cavity but before the naso pharynx.
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What is external nares?

Nares are the openings of the nasal cavity, commonly callednostrils. We have two sets of openings called anterior andposterior nares that move air through the nasal cavity int (MORE)
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What do external nares do?

External nares are the external nostrils found on the nose ofhumans, birds, and other animals. The external nares have manypurposes. They provide you with the ability to smell (MORE)
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When was Owen Nares born?

Owen Nares was born on August 11, 1888, in Maiden Erlegh, Berks, England, UK.
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When did Owen Nares die?

Owen Nares died on July 30, 1943, in Brecon, Wales, UK.