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What is near-sighted?

Near-sighted means able to see things clearly only when up close, that distant objects are less clear. Another term is "myopia." In the opposite condition, farsightedness ( (MORE)
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What is a near-miss?

A "near miss" is some event that, while it did not result ininjury, illness, or damage, had the potential to do so.
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What is Near-Reality?

Near-Reality and Virtual-Reality are close to, but not exactly reality. Its almost there, but not completely.
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Why is mountain tapir nearing extinction?

The Mountain Tapir lives, as the name implies, high in themountains. But their numbers have diminished because farmers haveextended the grasslands for domesticated livestock i (MORE)
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What is a 'near-homonym'?

Near homonyms are words that sound alike due to the mispronunciation of one of the words. An example would be weather and whether or pedal and petal.
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What is near-sided vision?

Near-sided vision is when you can see things close to you but not far away. You need glasses to see things far away. I know this because I am near-sided. Hope this helps you o (MORE)
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How do you know if you had a near-death experience?

Usually you first start to panic and in your internal thoughts you keep repeating to yourself "I'm going to die" then suddenly, everything goes black. Then, you start to accep (MORE)
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Are fish near-sighted?

Nope... They have minimal converging lenses so the light they see is from afar not converged closely.
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How is a victim of near-drowning treated?

CPR has been performed and emergency medical help has arrived on the scene, oxygen is administered to the victim. If the victim's breathing has stopped or is otherwise impaire (MORE)
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What are the effects of near-drowning?

Abnormal heart rhythms (cardiac dysrhythmias) often occur in near-drowning cases, and the heart may stop pumping (cardiac arrest). An increase in blood acidity (acidosis) is a (MORE)
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What is near-drowning?

survival after suffocation caused by submersion in water or another fluid. Some experts exclude from this definition cases of temporary survival that end in death within 24 ho (MORE)
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What is the meaning by 'near the surface'?

When something is said to be 'near the surface' it means it's just out of sight below the surface; you may see just a hint of it. The term is usually used in the abstract rath (MORE)
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Is neared a noun?

No the word neared is not a noun. It is a past tense verb.
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What is near-sightd?

When you are nearsighted, you have problems seeing things far away.
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What is near-sightedness?

myopia or " near-sightedness " as most ofus refer to it is an eye condition.
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Is nearing a preposition?

No, it is the present participle of the verb "to near." It can forma participle phrase , as in "We watched the large boat nearing the dock " or " Nearing the dock , the capta (MORE)