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What is near pointer?

In the segmented memory model, a near pointer is a memory address that resides in the same segment as the current segment pointer. It had half the memory requirements of a far ( Full Answer )
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What is near equity?

Near-equity investments consist of debt that is convertible to equity and debt with warrants, royalties or participation payments. Near-equity can be structured to act like eq ( Full Answer )
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What is a near rhyme?

A near rhyme (also called slant rhyme or partial rhyme) is a rhyme scheme in which the words in question don't completely rhyme, but parts of them do, like in a syllable or tw ( Full Answer )
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Is doomsday near?

doomsday is on 21 December 2012 all will die We cannot predict the world will end on 21/12/2012 Dont Spread Lies :)
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What is near-sighted?

Near-sighted means able to see things clearly only when up close, that distant objects are less clear. Another term is "myopia." In the opposite condition, farsightedness ( ( Full Answer )
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What is a near-miss?

A "near miss" is some event that, while it did not result ininjury, illness, or damage, had the potential to do so.
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Where is Hawaii near?

Hawaii is in Polynesia which means it is near all the Polynesian countries, the Phillipeans, Tahiti, Russia, New Zealand, and Australia. Hawaii is a minimum of a nine hour fli ( Full Answer )
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What is near Paris?

not really, the massif central is about 150miles away, the french alpes about 300miles away. for rocky beaches you'd need to head west to Brittany where you'll find pink grani ( Full Answer )
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Who is near?

Made a TYPO on age. Short by 20 years I believe. I wish I was younger. I am a terrible typist, especially numbers.
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What are near banks?

Financial intermediaries are all institutions that accept deposits from individuals, businesses and governments, and lend funds to borrowers. They include savings banks, trust ( Full Answer )
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What is Pennsylvania near?

The State of Pennsylvania is bounded or bordered on the north by New York, to the East by New Jersey, to the South by Maryland, part of Virginia, and part of West Virginia, an ( Full Answer )
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Where is Bangladesh near to?

It's bordered by India all the way and it is just a bit bordered with Burma.
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What is Russia near?

Russia is by the Arctic Ocean [And Alaska] to the north. The pacific ocean to the east. China and Mongolia to the south. And eastern Europe to the west.
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Is near a preposition?

Yes, near is used as a preposition. For example: It was near midnight when they arrived. She lives near me. The word near is also a verb, an adjective, and an adverb ( Full Answer )
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Where is Portugal near?

Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Portugal is also not very far from Morocco, a country in northwestern Africa. Portugal borders Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Spain borders the ( Full Answer )
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Who is near Israel?

Israel is surround by Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and Lebanon, Syria and Saudi Arabia are hostile
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What do you do when there is a ghost near you?

Don't freak out! This happens to me all the time, so I always have to deal with these things. Try talking to it, maybe you can find out whats wrong and how to help it. If the ( Full Answer )
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When death is near?

Changed based on post by Crash Override in Discuss:When death is near . Question does not provide enough information in order to answer. Subject to merge into catch-all. Me ( Full Answer )
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What do you when a bee is near you?

The bee is probably not interested in you. Stay calm, either keep still or just walk away. Don't make sudden movements and above all don't start flapping at the bee with your ( Full Answer )
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What is Near-Reality?

Near-Reality and Virtual-Reality are close to, but not exactly reality. Its almost there, but not completely.
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What is near the sea?

The coast of countries and/or islands are near the sea. It depends on which sea you are talking about.
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What do you do when a shark is near you?

well, if you are on a surf board, get off. it looks to the shark like you are a seal, which is it's favorite meal. Sharks don't have a good eye sight. If the shark gets hold o ( Full Answer )
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What is a near double?

"Near doubles" are 2 consecutive numbers. For example: 2 and 3, 7 and 8, 11 and 12. Therefore, 4 + 5 are near doubles.
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What is a 'near-homonym'?

Near homonyms are words that sound alike due to the mispronunciation of one of the words. An example would be weather and whether or pedal and petal.
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Where is Mongolia near?

Mongolia is bordered by Russia to the North, and by China to the South, East, and West.
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How do you act when you are near with him?

you tend to glace at him a lot and start blushing. you try to make conversation with him. you want to get him alone...
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What do you do if a snake is near you?

If it isn't dangerous, venomous, or aggressive, just leave it alone. If it is venomous and/or aggressive, you want to get away from it. Most snakes can't top 7 mph chasing som ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell near?

That is the proper spelling of the adjective "near" (close by). The spelling of the similar comparative form is "nearer" (closer).
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What do you do if a jellyfish is near you?

Avoid them the best you can. Swim away and keep a good distance between you and the jellyfish. Even if they are beautiful, stay away.
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What is Romania near?

Romania is a country in the South-Eastern part of Europe and hasboundaries with Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia.
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What is a near miss?

A near miss is an event that could have resulted in injury,illness, or harm, but didn't. Synonyms for "near miss" are "closecall," or in the case of a moving object, such as v ( Full Answer )
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Is there wildlife near me?

Yes wildlife is evetywhere but sometimes it depends in which ecosystem or enviroment you live in
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How is near an adverb?

The word near (meaning nearby or closer) by itself is an adverb,although it doesn't specify "near what." If a noun follows, near isa preposition. It can also be an adjective o ( Full Answer )
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What is the noun of near?

The noun form of the verb to near is the gerund, nearing . The noun form of the adjective near is nearness .