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What is neat stock?

Neat stock (or neat cattle) appears to be a primarily New England reference to dairy cattle that was commonly used in the 19th century (cf Lewis Falley Allen, 1879 , American ( Full Answer )
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How do you get neat handwriting?

Make sure your pen is a good make, then get in a comfortable position! Back straight, shoulders rested and no slouching. Now get a piece of paper and practice your handwriting ( Full Answer )
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How do you get your writing neat?

This is going to sound very boring, but you have to practice. A very old method is to purchase a first or second grade tablet, the type that little kids learn to write in. Act ( Full Answer )
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What is mechanical neatness?

Mechanical neatness means to make a report or technical writingconcise and neat in appearance. It means having neat headings,sub-headings, and margins.
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What rhymes with neat?

beat, cheat, feat, heat, peat, ... beet, feet, meet, sweet, ... suite. \n. \nmeat, sheet, beat, beet, feet, seat, pete, heat. Feat.
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What are neat diagrams?

Neat diagrams are the diagrams that are neatly made either oncomputer such as pie charts, histogram etc. or drawn with hands.These are easy to interpret and understand.
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How do you write neat?

If you would like to write neat just follow the old saying and "Practice! Practice! Practice!" because practice makes perfect and if you keep trying then you will finally achi ( Full Answer )
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What is the opposite of neat?

The opposite of neat (clean, organized) could be messy or untidy. It could also be cluttered, disorganized, or sloppy.
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Why is Neopets so fun and neat?

Neopets is fun because it tis a Baby-Friendly website of which you can make your account have a virtual pet that you can cutomise with clothes and train it to fight (if you wi ( Full Answer )
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Is Ahsoka neat?

That question is debatable. But in my opinion, yes. Ahsoka is funny, feisty and strong-willed like Anakin: she never lets anything stop her from trying to achieve her dream of ( Full Answer )
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How can you become neat?

Don't think that you have to wait until you have a lot of time to start cleaning. Never underestimate a few minutes of time to tidy up. It makes ALL the difference.
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What is a cheetah's neatness?

ts distinguishing marks are the long teardrop-shaped lines on each side of the nose from the corner of its eyes to its mouth. The cheetah's coat is tan, or buff colored, with ( Full Answer )
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What is brandy neat?

Brandy neat is brandy served in a glass (usually a snifter), without ice or any other additives.
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Where can you buy neats foot oil?

You can purchase Neatsfoot Oil at any tack or feed store that carries riding or horse supplies. I think Tractor Supply may carry it as well.
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What is the neatness country in the world?

There is no such thing as "the neatness country in the world". Countries are full of germaphobes, slobs, and in-betweeners.
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What neat things can a Gila monster do?

Gila (pronounced hi-la) Monsters are amazing creatures that can do amazing things. One of the most amazing is that Gila Monsters allow a some times fatal poison to seep onto t ( Full Answer )
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What is a neat freak?

A neat freak is someone who always has to be neat. I am a neat freak, and I don't even sleep in my bed because it looks bad. I hate being a neat freak. I cant even go to sleep ( Full Answer )
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How can you be neat?

a good way to be neat and organized is to have lots of selves and boxes around ur home this way u can just chuck in things on the floor and it will look tidy, even if the insi ( Full Answer )
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What is a neat solution?

Means there is no other molecule present in the substance including the absence of a solvent.
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What is neat about a wolf?

everything about the wolf is "neat" read an article about wolves and find out for yourself
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Is a tutu neat?

I am bot actually answering this question, I am the asker. Any clothing has to fit under these guideline's: Clothing must be neat, clean, mended and not provocative or obscene ( Full Answer )
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What neat things can a squirrel monkeys do?

Female squirrel monkeys can carry their young from tree to tree easily. They can also jump from one tree to another! Sincerely, *********
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Was Bergen-Belsen Neat?

no! it was a place were thousands of innocent Jews died and this is not a thing to joke about so you need to stop messing around about the nearly 11,000,000-12,000,000 people ( Full Answer )
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How do you survive a neat freak mum?

Well my mum is a neat freak too! One day I decided to confront my mum and actually tell her that I thought she may have OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) which is an anxiety ( Full Answer )
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Which country is known as land of neatness?

No country is known as the 'Land of Neatness'. No country has the nickname: 'The Land of Neatness'. No land
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Is neat an adjective?

Yes, it is. Neat typically means orderly, or clean. It can mean analcoholic beverage served without water or additives. Colloquially,it means excellent or terrific (e.g. a nea ( Full Answer )
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Is neat an adverb?

Not usually. It is an adjective, and only an adverb informally,when it takes the place of the adverb form neatly . Used withverbs such as serve or keep, it is technically sti ( Full Answer )
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How can you have a neat bun with layers?

No offense but it is almost nearly impossible to do it by yourself with just a plain rubber band. However, there are many products that give you cute, perfect,and round buns. ( Full Answer )
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What is a neat hairstyle for girls?

There are many ways to style a girls hair neat and tidy. Pulling it back from the top and gathering the hair into a pony tail will make a girls hair neat as well as make any ( Full Answer )
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What is the cobras neatness?

A cobra is a neat snake and is actually one of the most venomous of all snakes. The cobra is found in India and in the southern portions of Africa. Neatness is not normally as ( Full Answer )
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How to research in comfort and neat room?

If one needs to conduct one's research in comfort and in a neat room, one can make that happen oneself. Room temperature is very important to one's comfort. If one is having ( Full Answer )