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What is the meaning of mechamical Neatness?

i think mechanical neatness means. in every work we r doing there should be some dedication.. if u do like this there will be clear and neat.
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What is mechanical neatness?

Mechanical neatness means to make a report or technical writingconcise and neat in appearance. It means having neat headings,sub-headings, and margins.
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What is the disivantage of a neats foot oil?

There are very few disadvantages of Neat's foot oil. A slightlygreasy or slippery finish and leather discoloration are the onlytwo disadvantages found.
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What is the over all neatness Judaism?

Jews are individually neat or messy. There is no "universal Jewish neatness quotient". There is, however, a Torah-requirement to maintain good health, and to present a digni (MORE)
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What is a cheetah's neatness?

ts distinguishing marks are the long teardrop-shaped lines on each side of the nose from the corner of its eyes to its mouth. The cheetah's coat is tan, or buff colored, with (MORE)
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Where can you buy neats foot oil?

You can purchase Neatsfoot Oil at any tack or feed store that carries riding or horse supplies. I think Tractor Supply may carry it as well.
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How can you speak English neately?

Practice with a native speaker.. If you want to practice alone, you can record yourself with a microphone and compare to a native speaker. You might have better success by re (MORE)
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What is the neatness country in the world?

There is no such thing as "the neatness country in the world". Countries are full of germaphobes, slobs, and in-betweeners.
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What is neatness?

Neatness means something is orderly and clean. There is no clutteror disarray.
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What is the cobras neatness?

A cobra is a neat snake and is actually one of the most venomous of all snakes. The cobra is found in India and in the southern portions of Africa. Neatness is not normally as (MORE)