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Did the word nectar come from the gods?

Nectar is another name for ambrosia, the food of the gods (in Greek mythology) which when eaten grants immortality.
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How does a monarch butterfly suck nectar?

It uses it's probiscus, a flexable, long tongue like organ. Click on the 'Monarch Bufferfly' link on this page to learn more.
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Why do flowers have nectar?

Nectar is a sugar, which is the end goal of both cyclic and non-cyclic reactions which occur in all plants, but the main reason is that it attracts pollinators, helping the pl ( Full Answer )
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What is flower nectar?

Sugar-rich liquid produced in glands called nectares is what flower nectar is. It may be found within the flower in order to attract pollinators. But nectar also may be produc ( Full Answer )
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What is nectar?

it is something in flowers that butterflies and hummingbirds and other stuff eat supplement Nectar is a sugary substance of value to birds and insects as a ready source of ( Full Answer )
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What flowers that have nectar?

Most flowers have nectar. The list is too long to write here. There are a few that do not have nectar. An example are grasses and many Orchids. If you want to know if a ( Full Answer )
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How do you get nectar for butterflies?

You can't buy nectar from anywhere, but you CAN make your own nectar with 1 part sugar and 4 parts water; boiled and then cooled down. Put it in a shallow container and if in ( Full Answer )
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Where does nectar come from?

in flowers and other sorts of Plants. if you want to know what caterpillars eat ,they eat leaves
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What nectar mean? . nec⋅tar . /ˈnɛktər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [nek-ter] Show IPA Pronunciation -noun 1. the saccharine ( Full Answer )
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What is a nectar?

Nectar is a sugary liquid produced by flowers. It attracts bees to the flower to feed from it, and in the process they pollinate the flower.
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Who was nectar?

Nectar is a fluid produced by flowers and made in to honey by bees.. In Greek and Roman mythology the drink of the gods
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Is nectar a producer?

No. If it were a producer, it would be able to produce its own food. Nectar is not a consumer either. It does not consume food. Nectar is not living, therefore it is "abiotic. ( Full Answer )
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What is nectar and ambrosia?

Nectar is the drink and ambrosia is the food of the Greek gods. If a mortal got a hold of it, it made them immortal. Or, in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, it woul ( Full Answer )
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Do cactus have nectar?

no because they are in the deserts and usually i see no bees buzzing around them
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What is the opposite of nectar?

Not sure what you mean by the opposite of nectar. Bees collect nectar and pollen from flowers.
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What role does nectar have in the process of pollination?

The role that nectar has in the process of pollination involvesgathering pollen on their legs as they drink nectar. At the nextfloral nectar stop, the pollen rubs off and fert ( Full Answer )
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Why do plants make nectar?

Nectar is the reward that a plant offers to attract flying insects to visit it. In visiting the plant the insects carry pollen on their bodies to other flowers and so pollinat ( Full Answer )
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Why do plants provide bees with nectar?

The sweet smell and taste of the nectar attracts bees and other flying insects. When these insects fly to other flowers, they transfer pollen from one flower to another, there ( Full Answer )
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Which type of bees collects nectar?

Most bees eat nectar but only the honey bee takes the nectar back to the colony and makes honey in large quantities.
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How do butterflies drink nectar?

Butterflies drink nectar by taking out a stick that is like a straw and start sucking.
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Does gather rhyme with nectar?

They could be considered end rhymes, but not perfect rhymes. Please see the related questions below for "What rhymes with gather?" and "What rhymes with nectar?"
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How does nectar form into honey?

The worker bees collect nectar from various sources, usually flowers. Nectar is mainly a disaccharide sugar dissolved in water. Nectar is collected by the worker bee, using he ( Full Answer )
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What is a substitute for agave nectar?

Maple syrup works fairly well, but is quite expensive. A runny honey may also work.
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Do lilleis have nectar?

Yes, If they did not they would not be pollinated; therefore, not being able to reproduce
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Is nectar a herbivore?

Nectar is not a herbivore, it is not an animal. Therefore, it can't eat anything.
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How do you promote nectar?

In order to promote Nectar properly, you must first collate all the positive effects Nectar has provided to the company, even if you have to 'fertilize some fields of informat ( Full Answer )
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How does nectar work?

The flower that produces the nectar doesn't use or consume the nectar itself. It's purpose is to attract creatures that do consume it and in the process, dust their bodies wit ( Full Answer )
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Is guava nectar the same as agave nectare?

Agave nectar is not the same a guava nectar. An agave plant is a type of cactus, whereas a guava is a fruiting plant in the myrtle family, making these two completely separate ( Full Answer )
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What do bees have to do with nectar?

Bees collect nectar from flowers to make honey in a bee hive. They collect the nectar by sucking with their proboscis and having nectar stuck to the hair on their legs. The be ( Full Answer )
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How do be get nectar from flowers?

Bees? They charge right in, usually finding a little pool of the sugary stuff and definitely getting dusted with pollen.
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What do you mean by nectar?

\n \nNectar is the juice of flowers or any delicious drink. In Greek mythology it was what the gods drank.
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What is a nectar plant?

A nectar plant is a plant for bees or butterflies to be healthy and clean
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Do sunflowers have nectar?

Yes, they do, just like other flowers. They also make pollen andbees can use sunflowers to make honey.