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Why do cross-pollinating plants have large colorful flowers pleasant scents and sweet nectars?

A flower Is the means by which a plant reproduces. Some flowerscontain both male and female organs. Some plants have separatefemale plants and male plants. The reason the flow (MORE)
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What are the differences between the digestive systems of herbivores carnivores and nectar-feeding animals?

In short herbivores have much larger and more complex digestive systems. This is nessecary to break down cellulose in plant material. As nutrients are much more accessable in (MORE)
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Kamala markandaya -nectar in sieve?

And what is your question about it?. It's a good book and if you want a summary all you have to do is google it and you will come up with quite a few websites.
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What does fragrant nectars mean?

Fragrant is an adjective which means "having a fragrance or pleasant smell." "Nectar" was, according to Greek mythology, the drink of the gods, the most delicious and wonderfu (MORE)
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Which flavors which were left out of the Jumex nectars?

The flavors which were left out of the Jumex nectar juice drinksare: Avocado (Alligator pear) Banana Caimito Cantaloupe Ceriman Dragonfruit Durian Feijoa Honeydew melon Jackf (MORE)