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Why are nepenthes called carnivorous?

Because in their pitchers their is an enzyme that hold preservatives and decomposers. When an insect or sometimes mice or rats fall into the liquid they drown, decompose, and (MORE)
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Is Nepenthes hamata dangerous to humans?

No, There is no carnivorous plants we know of that are dangerous to humans. Their liquid is just enzymes of preservatives and other things. I have a nepenthes Ventricosa x Bos (MORE)

How does the nepenthes rajah kill its prey?

When an insect such as a fly or bee lands on the 'lips' of the nepenthes, they provide an uneven foothold. Of course the insect could just fly away but the nectaries containin (MORE)
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What are Lethe and Nepenthe?

Nepenthe is in Greek Mythology (Odyssey) a medicine for sorrow, literally, an anti-depressant - a "drug of forgetfulness". Lethe is the Underworld river of oblivion/forgetf (MORE)

What is nepenthe in The Raven by Poe?

Nepenthe was an ancient Greek concept of a medicine for sorrow, it would be what today is classified as an anti-depressant. It is mentioned in Greek stories and mythologies. S (MORE)
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What adaptations do nepenthes have?

Their adaptations that make them good at what they do are that theyadapted their leaves to capture, trap, and process their prey. Sometypes of Nepenthes can also climb vines.