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What is your nephews grandchild to you?

Your nephew's child is your great niece or great nephew. . Your nephew's grand child is your great great niece or greatgreat nephew.
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Who is a nephew?

It is your sister's or brother's son, your adopted sister's or brother's son or your half sister's or brother's son. That would make you an aunt or uncle.
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Who is nephew?

If your brother or sister has a kid then you have a nephew or niece depending on whether its a girl or boy. Nephew = boy Niece = girl I Hope I helped!
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Is your wife's nephew also your nephew?

Yes, your wife's nephew is your nephew because you are his uncle . The aunt and uncle relationship is different from many other family relationships because you can become an (MORE)
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Who is the Dursleys nephew?

It's actually Harry, because Dudley is their son and Harry is the son of Petunia's sister, Lily, so he is Petunia's nephew.
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If the nephew is girl?

If your brother or sister has a girl child, she is called your niece, not your nephew.
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Is your husband's nephew your nephew?

Yes, in common usage your husband's nephew is also your nephew. The two of you are his aunt and uncle, not his aunt-in-law and uncle.
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How do you get your nephew to confirm he is your nephew?

He should have a birth certificate that shows his parents names and one of those would be either your sister or brother depending on how he supposed to be your nephew. Also th (MORE)
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What to do with your nephews?

First of all if you are trying to be really nice,don't be nice,because you are really nice,you nephew can gain control of you and be his or her slave.Second,is not being reall (MORE)