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What is the feminine of nephew?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English usesgender specific nouns for a male or a female. The gender specific noun for a male relative is nephew. The cor ( Full Answer )
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Can a nephew be a sibling?

Nephew: your sibling's son (from your brother or sister); sibling: your brother or sister (from your parents). Because your brother or sister cannot also be your parents, and ( Full Answer )
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What is your nephews grandchild to you?

Your nephew's child is your great niece or great nephew. . Your nephew's grand child is your great great niece or greatgreat nephew.
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Can you marry your nephew?

Yes,you can marry your nephew legally in Australia.I hope you two can have a lot of beautiful kids and start a happy family.
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Who is a nephew?

It is your sister's or brother's son, your adopted sister's or brother's son or your half sister's or brother's son. That would make you an aunt or uncle.
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Who is nephew?

If your brother or sister has a kid then you have a nephew or niece depending on whether its a girl or boy. Nephew = boy Niece = girl I Hope I helped!
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What rhymes with nephew?

true, you, thank-you, two, to ,too, Montague, goo, loo, shoe, left you. ah choo. through. poo. to. two. too. who. coo. zoo...
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What does your nephew call you?

You are your nephew's uncle if you are male, and his aunt if you are female.
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How does MacGyver have a nephew?

Since the pilot for that series never actually aired- it does not exist and therefore he does not have one afterall.
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Is your wife's nephew also your nephew?

Yes, your wife's nephew is your nephew because you are his uncle . The aunt and uncle relationship is different from many other family relationships because you can become an ( Full Answer )
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Who is your nephew's nephew?

Your nephew's nephew is the son of one of your nephew's brothers or sisters. He is your great nephew.
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What is 'nephew' in Italian?

Nipote is an Italian equivalent of 'nephew'. It's a masculine noun whose definite article is 'il' ['the'], and whose indefinite article is 'uno' ['a, one']. It's pronounc ( Full Answer )
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Who is the Dursleys nephew?

It's actually Harry, because Dudley is their son and Harry is the son of Petunia's sister, Lily, so he is Petunia's nephew.
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Who is bilbo's nephew?

Bilbo is the Hobbit from the book The Hobbit. His nephew is themain protagonist in the series of books The Lord of The Rings,named Frodo Baggins. NOTE: Bilbo is an only child, ( Full Answer )
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What comes after nephew?

Your brother's or sister's son is your nephew. Your nephew's or niece's child is your grand-nephew or grand-niece.
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Who is the nephew of Abel?

Enos, son of Abel's younger brother Seth, was Abel's nephew. Cain had already slain Abel by the time Seth was born.
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What are you to your nephews son?

Your nephew's son is your great nephew. You are his great aunt if you are female, or his great uncle if you are male.
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What are you to your nephews grandson?

You are your nephew's aunt or uncle, to his children you are a great aunt or great uncle, to their children (your nephew's grandchildren) you are a great-great aunt or great-g ( Full Answer )
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Does madara have a nephew?

If I am correct, Sasuke is his great great (etc.) nephew or grandson. But you should check another website first, because I'm probably wrong. :3 Hope this helped! :)
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What is nephew by marriage?

The English language does not have a separate term for your spouse's nephew. Such a person is simply, your nephew.
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If the nephew is girl?

If your brother or sister has a girl child, she is called your niece, not your nephew.
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How do you get your father's will from your nephew?

Depends whether your father is dead or alive. And, there seems to be some family "issue" here, ie why has your nephew got your father's will? If your father is alive and h ( Full Answer )
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Who was Charlemagne's Nephew?

Roland was the nephew of Charlemagne, according to the French legends. He was immortalized in the epic Le Chanson de Roland. This work was about fighting the Saracens (muslims ( Full Answer )
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What is the origin of nephew?

ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French neveu , from Latin nepos 'grandson, nephew,' from an Indo-European root shared byDutch neef and German Neffe . I got ( Full Answer )
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What are nieces and nephews?

Nieces are the daughters of your brothers and sisters. Nephews are the sons of your brothers and sisters.
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Is your husband's nephew your nephew?

Yes, in common usage your husband's nephew is also your nephew. The two of you are his aunt and uncle, not his aunt-in-law and uncle.
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How do you get your nephew to confirm he is your nephew?

He should have a birth certificate that shows his parents names and one of those would be either your sister or brother depending on how he supposed to be your nephew. Also th ( Full Answer )
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How can your uncle be your nephew?

The only way your uncle could be your nephew would be if your sister or brother had a son with your grandfather or grandmother. Aside from being culturally unacceptable and il ( Full Answer )
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What to do with your nephews?

First of all if you are trying to be really nice,don't be nice,because you are really nice,you nephew can gain control of you and be his or her slave.Second,is not being reall ( Full Answer )
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Who was hatshepsut nephew?

Since Thutmose IIIwas too young to assume the throne unaided, Hatshepsut served ashis regent. Initially, Hatshepsut bore this role traditionallyuntil, for reasons that are unc ( Full Answer )
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Can a nephew of your sister also be your nephew?

Certainly. If you and your sister have at least one other sibling, and that sibling has a son, he is your nephew and your sister's nephew.
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Who are the niece and nephew?

Your niece would be the daughter of your sister or brother. Your nephew would be the son of your brother or sister. Their children would be your great nieces and great nephews ( Full Answer )
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What is my grandson to my nephew?

Their cousin, because your child is your nephew`s cousin, so yourgrandson or granddaughter is also your nephew`s cousin.
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If your nephew has a cousin then what is she to you?

If your nephew has a female first cousin, she could be: . your daughter . your niece (daughter of your sibling who is not the parent of the references nephew . unrelated t ( Full Answer )