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What is ner tamid?

A Ner Tamid is an eternal lamp. Ner is a light, and Tamid is eternal. It generally refers to a lamp above or in front of the ark in the synagogue, usually electric in modern (MORE)
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What does the ner tamid represent?

Net tamed refers to the eternal light as ner means eternal and tamid means light Hope that helped a BIT;)xx
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How do you be a desig ner on star doll?

you cant exactly be a designer but when your a superstar you can design clothes and sell them for as much money. To design something, above next to where all the *album,scene (MORE)
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What ends in 'ner'?

Winner, dinner, sinner, partner, banner, downer, earner, toner, garner, ironer, loaner, manner, moaner, and mooner are a few of the words ending in 'ner'.
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How old is Ner Alexander Middleswarth?

Ner Alexander Middleswarth was born on December 12, 1783 and died on June 2, 1865. Ner Alexander Middleswarth would have been 81 years old at the time of death or 231 years ol (MORE)
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What scrabble words end with ner?

Adorner Aginner Aliener Aligner Almoner Branner Browner Byliner Centner Churner Cleaner Coroner Cozener Crooner Crowner Deboner Definer Divin (MORE)
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What is Ner tamid in a synagogue?

A ner tamid, also known as a sanctuary lamp, is "is a light that shines before the altar of sanctuaries in many denominations of Jewish" worship. "Hanging or standing in front (MORE)
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Why are major cities ner the coast?

Before motorized vehicles, including trains, were invented, before there were roads or train tracks, waterways were the primary routes for getting around, especially for carry (MORE)