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What is a netted veins?

Answer . In other plants, netted venation occurs, in which the large veins branch repeatedly as they enter the blade. These produce smaller, interconnecting branches as w (MORE)
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What is a Netted Stinkhorn?

A netted stinkhorn is a disgusting smelling, capless mushroom that generally grows out of compost or wet mulch. They are not poisonous and are edible, but they are so hideous (MORE)
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What is netted venation?

Venation is how a the leaf veins are organized. Netted venation is when there are larger veins with many smaller veins branches making a type of web pattern.
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What is meaning of .net?

net stands for network. .NET is Microsoft's strategy to simplify building XML Web Services and to develop, deploy, and maintain desktop, enterprise, Internet and Smart device (MORE)
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What does .NET stands for?

my name is prabhat sharma"" i m working with "" It is a 'NET' for coding different languages in one platform.hey guy i m giving corre (MORE)
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What is .Net Nuke?

Dot Net Nuke is a content management system written in asp for the Windows OS.
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What does .NET mean?

\n.Net is not an anagram. It simply is the trademark name of a family of technologies from Microsoft.
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Who owns the nets?

The owners of the Nets are Bruce Ratner, Forest City Enterprises, Jay- Z and Lewis Katz.
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What does nets mean?

'NETS' is the statewide emergency service for medical retrieval of critically ill newborns, infants and children in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. NETS provides advice to (MORE)
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What is 'net' in tennis?

'Net' is a term referring only to serves in tennis. If your ball hits the net on a serve and still lands within the correct service box, your opponent calls 'net', which means (MORE)
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Where do you find nets?

Are you looking for sports nets? Nets of American Inc is the bestsouce to find out Soccer, Golf, Baseball, Backstops and Lacrossenets at an very affordable price.
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What is .net assembly?

A .Net assembly is a self-contained package of code and/or resources. It contains a manifest that describes the contents of the assembly, along with dependencies. They typic (MORE)
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What is Nets of a Cube?

Well, the nets of the cube are basically when you get a 3D cube and flatten it. That gives you the 2D shape of a cube, which is know as the net. There are 11 nets for a cube. (MORE)
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What are flying nets?

Flying "gnats" are tiny flying insects that can enter homes. Theyare usually attracted to smelly garbage or rotting fruit.
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Is nets a verb?

Yes, it a form of the verb "to net." But it is also a plural noun.
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What are 3d nets?

Its a 3d net that can be transformed into a 3d shape
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What is netted revenue?

In the oil and gas industry it represents the working interest owner's share of gross revenue less taxes (production and severance), conservation fees, marketing and handling (MORE)
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What is

It is a website where you get a free phone number, but you can'tcheck it on your phone, you have to check it in your email or thewebsite. Either one, you would have to choose (MORE)
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What is .net?

.net is a software framework (a collection of classes) used for inclusion in object orientated programming languages that are the foundation of the windows interface. Everythi (MORE)
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What is piratepad .net?

PiratePad is a web-based collaborative real-time editor, allowsauthors to simultaneously edit a text document, and to seeparticipants' edits in real-time, with each author's (MORE)