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What is a Net Salary?

Your net salary is your 'take-home' salary, ie how much you have left after tax. If you want to know what your net salary is, you can use a net salary calculator (http://netsa ( Full Answer )
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What is net income?

Net income is your revenues minus your expenses. For example, if a store had $100,000 in sales, but their expenses for rent, employees, supplies, etc is $60,000 then they ha ( Full Answer )
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How do you get on net with PS3?

Well, first you have to connect it to the internet ;P that option will be in the "Settings" menu. After setting the internet source, you can then connect to the internet by ( Full Answer )
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What is net migration?

The difference between immigration and emigration in a certain area during a specific time frame, and the difference between DIPS AND DIPPETS! hahaha
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What is meaning of .net?

net stands for network. .NET is Microsoft's strategy to simplify building XML Web Services and to develop, deploy, and maintain desktop, enterprise, Internet and Smart device ( Full Answer )
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What is .Net Nuke?

Dot Net Nuke is a content management system written in asp for the Windows OS.
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What does .NET mean?

\n.Net is not an anagram. It simply is the trademark name of a family of technologies from Microsoft.
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What is NET?

.NET is a library made by Microsoft, that can be accessed by some languages (such as C#, Visual Basic and others), that provides additional built-in functions and other resour ( Full Answer )
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Who owns the nets?

The owners of the Nets are Bruce Ratner, Forest City Enterprises, Jay- Z and Lewis Katz.
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No net movement?

The water exiting the cell is same amount as the water entering the cell, so they are canceling each other movement.
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What does nets mean?

'NETS' is the statewide emergency service for medical retrieval of critically ill newborns, infants and children in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. NETS provides advice to ( Full Answer )
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What is net surfing?

Surfing the Internet is usually seen as fun, dangerous, or a tremendous waste of time, depending on who you ask. All of the above is true, but what is also true is that the In ( Full Answer )
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What if the net is not there what do you do?

If the .NET framework is not installed on your system, you can download and install it for free from Microsoft's webpage:
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What is net net pricing?

"Net Net" is a business term for the absolute, final, "bottom line" cost of an item, after all discounts, fees, charges, etc. have been calculated.
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What is a net net net lease?

Triple net lease A triple net lease (Net-Net-Net or NNN) is a lease agreement on a property where the tenant or lessee agrees to pay all real estate taxes, building insuran ( Full Answer )
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Does net net include taxes?

If looking at your pay stubs, you gross pay represents your totalpay before taxes. The net pay is your pay after taxes.
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Can you search on the net or in the net?

Most people search on the Internet instead of in the net. They alsosay that the "go online," or "surf the web."
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What is a net saver?

Either something that saves a net, or something that results in anet saving (more saving than expenses).
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What is windows net?

.NET in programming terms refers to a set of programming lanagues available in Microsoft Visual Studio for application development, such as C# and VB.NET. The .NET Framework ( Full Answer )
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What is kitahara net?

The Kitahara net is used for manual plankton sampling but can only be used to sample plankton on the surface of the water. The nano plankton mesh size varies from 10 to 1000 m ( Full Answer )
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What is a net for a square?

A net is a two dimensional pattern that can be cut out and folded to make a 3-dimensional [solid] shape. A 2-dimensional shape, such as a square, does not have a net!
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What does the spy net do?

it is a comepone that makes real spy gadgets for kids aged 7+ i am 8 and i own a spy net watch
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Why does a basketball net have a net attached to it?

There's a net attached to the basket to keep the ball from flying away when you swish it. Instead, it forces the ball straight down (most of the time) so that it is easier to ( Full Answer )
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Blogging on the net?

If you wanted to create your on blog, I recommend 'Blogger.' Blogger is absolutely free and easy to use.
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Do you capitalize the net?

At the beginning of a sentence and when it forms part of the proper noun. Example: The Net (title of the movie)
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What is netted revenue?

In the oil and gas industry it represents the working interest owner's share of gross revenue less taxes (production and severance), conservation fees, marketing and handling ( Full Answer )

What is cloning in Net?

Cloning in VB.NET is when you clone a current resource in your project to another resource. Such as a picturebox's picture to another picturebox.
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Why do you surf in the net?

You surf the net for many different reasons. You could surf the net to do projects, if you are bored, find fun facts, and other neat stuff. Please list the ways you surf the n ( Full Answer )
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What is encapsulation in net?

Encapsulation is the ability to hide its data and methods from outside the world and only expose data and methods that are required
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What is

It is a website where you get a free phone number, but you can'tcheck it on your phone, you have to check it in your email or thewebsite. Either one, you would have to choose ( Full Answer )
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What are namespaces in net?

A Namespace is the term used in .net to package coherent types. Namespaces is plural of that term. A namespace also provides a context shorthand, to avoid otherwise woul ( Full Answer )
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What is .net?

.net is a software framework (a collection of classes) used for inclusion in object orientated programming languages that are the foundation of the windows interface. Everythi ( Full Answer )
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What is the volleyball net for?

When playing volleyball, you need to hit over the net. Therefore, there are "penalties" if the ball rolls under the net or hits the net rather than over it..
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Does a oval have a net?

Nets are 2 dimensional shapes that can be folded to create 3-dimensional objects. An oval is a 2-dimensional object, so cannot have a net.