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How to be nice?

To be nice..This is what you have to do, so what im gonna write just read carefully because that's true and it worked for me. If someone ask you to barow an pecil or somethi ( Full Answer )
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What did nice mean?

Nice means like for example, that biscuit tasted very nice, or that boys hair looks nice. another word for nice could be beautiful. hope this is what you are looking for, and ( Full Answer )
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Why are you nice?

Because that's the way you are born and it may occur because you feel bad for some one and you want to lighten up their spirits and not be mean.Cause when you are mean you bas ( Full Answer )
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Where is Nice?

Nice is a city in the south of France, and is part of the French Riviere, on the coast of the Mediterrean Sea.
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Is nice nice?

Depends on the situation. Being too nice isn't good because people WILL take advantage of you whether you or they realize it. Being nice in a relationship is always the best j ( Full Answer )
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What are twenty nice adjectives for nice?

There are more than twenty words that are both synonyms for "nice"and are also adjectives. These words are: good, delightful,pleasant, marvelous, agreeable, likable, charming, ( Full Answer )
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How do you get a sister to be nice to you being nice?

Older or younger? Younger, treat her like an equal and include her in activities. Try to listen to what she says, and don't dismiss her comments because she's younger. Older, ( Full Answer )
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Who says nice to see you to you nice?

"Nice to see you, to see you nice" is a catchphrase by Bruce Forsyth, who has been a British celebrity since hosting the variety show "Sunday Night at the London Palladium" in ( Full Answer )
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Nice to see you to see you nice?

This is a catchphrase by Bruce Forsyth, who has been a British celebrity since hosting the variety show "Sunday Night at the London Palladium" in 1958. He went on to host nume ( Full Answer )
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How can you be nice?

Try to be nice. Trust me i tried it. It feels like butterflies in your stomach.
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Am I nice to you?

Very, very nice, you are a very cool and fine person, I love you so much.
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Nice speaking with you or nice speaking to you?

Honestly, both are polite and correct. I would use "nice speaking with you" over the phone and "nice speaking to you" in person. Because over the phone your speaking with some ( Full Answer )
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Is Miley Cyrus nice or not nice?

im a jerk hehe, erm Miley Cyrus is very nice indeed, however as you probably know, she needs a sit down with her ego. yes this is very true but some little kids do still look ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to be nice?

Well yea sometimes because people are don't give you nice when you give them the best respect so what I'm trying to say is that use it when you need to
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Are pixies nice?

If you are talking about Harry Potter, than no, not in the slightest. They have a habit of wreaking havoc.
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How do you get to Nice?

It depends on where you are coming from. Nice is a beautiful city in Southern France. If you live in France, you can get there by train (TGV) or plane (there's an airport i ( Full Answer )
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Are chinchillas nice?

Yes. Most chinchillas are very nice, but if you do not properly take care of them, they will occasionally bite. When they bite it usually does not draw blood, but some chinchi ( Full Answer )
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Is it nice in Nunavut?

No, there is no nice weather in Nunavut, except for south Nunavut which is okay in the summer.
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Is it nice to be popular?

sort of, when somebodys popular you get more friends. but at the same time... more haters and they keep hating on you. and rumors spread but if you have everybody know that th ( Full Answer )
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Are sharks nice or not nice?

Sharks have not shown any great disposition to domestication, and act almost exclusively on instinct. So they cannot be characterized as nice or not nice. They will feed or pr ( Full Answer )
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Is bacon nice?

I'm not sure if bacon can be described as nice. delicious would be a more appropriate word to use. also bacon goes good with eggs, be they scrambled or sunny side up, down or ( Full Answer )
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Is vegeta nice?

Well...Vegeta is a type of SERIOUS person..he can be funny at times but he will get mean if you get on his bad side. watching episodes of dbz with vegeta will spport my answer ( Full Answer )
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Is your friend nice?

(Note: I honelstly am completely indifferent to what anyone thinks of this. I have just written, for my own sake of closure and expression, a conclusion to what I have learned ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to be nice to a maid?

No matter how wealthy or famous (even middle class) a person is if they are rude to the help (maid; chauffeur; waitress, etc.) it is a sign of arrogance and ignorance and show ( Full Answer )
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Do you be nice to people?

its nice to be nice only if others are nice back so yes i am nice
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Are the Swedish nice?

Mostly. Actually, we're kinda' lame. ;P Just remember to take your shoes off when you step inside. :)
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How do you get a nice bum?

You can do little to develop a nice one, but you can take steps (diet and exercise) to prevent it becoming too big.
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How nice are snakes are they nice?

Well, Snakes CAN be nice, sometimes. It all depends on the type of snake. For example a Gardener Snake- Nice (especially to your garden) Now a Cobra- not nice at all (poisonou ( Full Answer )
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When do you use nice vs nicely?

The word nice is an adjective; the work nicely is an adverb. Adjectives describe nouns; adverbs describe verbs, adjectives, and other adverbs.
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What can you do in Nice?

Good but once good big show (superstar) threw bad maryse (diva)threw a announce table s and then beat up big show.
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How do you be nice to him?

If you see him/her just be friendly. Say hi. But don't ever do it. And if your asking in a snobby way on how to be nice to them, they really care and still wana b friends. tha ( Full Answer )
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What can you do to be nice?

be the nicest person by being polite and smart and kind you have to have respect from everyone you can have no enemies but if you do be kind to them
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Is the phrase dirty nice or not nice?

It depends on the context. If used to say "You are very dirty" to someone who is unclean or covered in mud for example, it's nicely informing them that they look dirty or unc ( Full Answer )
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Are you nicee?

There are so many people in the world that are nice. I believe that I am a nice person. People that are nice take care of themselves and those around them, by doing random act ( Full Answer )