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What does 'nice' mean?

Nice has several meanings. Assuming you know the common ones, the most likely meaning of the word "nice" that you are looking at is "unimportant, trivial or stupid." This is u (MORE)
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What is 'You are nice' in Dutch?

'Jij bent aardig' or 'Jij bent leuk' The first refers specifically to the kindness of a person, while the second is more overall. (It can mean the person is kind, funny, nic (MORE)
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What rhymes with nicely?

ricely. there are only four 2 syllables : isaly, knicely 3 syllables : concisely, precisely
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What is 'You are nice' in Italian?

[ Tu ] sei simpatico is one Italian equivalent of 'You are nice'. In the word by word translation, the subject pronoun 'tu' means '[informal] you'. The verb 'sei' means (MORE)
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What is 'nice' in Italian?

" Simpatico " is an Italian equivalent of "nice." Specifically, the Italian word is the masculine singular form of the adjective. The pronunciation is "seem-PAH-tee-koh." T (MORE)
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How do you a girl nicely?

you can say hey i think your cute and i think we should talk more
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Is nicely an adjective?

No, it is an adverb. The adjective form is just "nice."
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How do you spell nicely?

N -- I -- C -- E -- L -- Y. Or, how you spelled it in the question.
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How do you smile nicely?

Push your toungue against your top teeth (this works mouth open or closed).
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What the nices dog?

there is not a type of dog that will always be nice. all dogs are different.
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What do you get when you ask nicely?

Sometimes you'll get a polite and considerate response because the other person is pleased that you showed respect and consideration for his/her feelings. However, sadly, some (MORE)
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Are you nicee?

There are so many people in the world that are nice. I believe that I am a nice person. People that are nice take care of themselves and those around them, by doing random act (MORE)
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Is people nicee?

Since there are over 6 billion people in the world today it is safe to say that there are nice people in the world. To be a nice person, you are likely to speak kindly about p (MORE)
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Is rice nice-?

Rice makes a nice side dish to serve with fish. It also goes verywell with grilled chicken.
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What does nicely mean?

nice·ly. ˈnīslē/. adverb . adverb: nicely . in a pleasant, agreeable, or attractive manner.. "nicely dressed in flowered cotton". satisfactorily; perfectly (MORE)
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Is nicely a pronoun?

No, 'nicely' is not a pronoun. It is adverb and belongs to adverb of manner because it answers 'How", as; How he played? Nicely.