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Are spiders nice?

yes actually they are friendly. people are just frightened about them more than they do death. that's crazy i think!
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Is great white really nasty or nice?

i think its not really born killer like jaws (that never lived or was a real shark the really model jaws costed $100,000) its really a bit terrtoreal.
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What does a common house spider look like?

Depends on where you live. But the special spiders that I see in all houses are slightly smaller than your thumb, brown bodied with black abdomen with white outline. They jump (MORE)

What is nice nasty?

Nice nasty is a person who acts all nice and perfect on the outside but really harbor some horrible personal traits and habits. For example, they might like to cook large port (MORE)
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How do you get a nice house?

If you are talking about like decor then for the living room I would get some nice red couches with a brown rug with circles on it and a plasma tv on a table acomputer maybe a (MORE)

Are the Volturi supposed to be nice or nasty in Twilight?

The Volturi are supposed to be viewed as the royal family of the Vampire world. They are the governing body and create the rules which all vampires must adhere to. They also e (MORE)
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What is a common house spider in illinios?

A very common house spider is the.... Soft spider it depends where you live they live in the east or... I can't remmeber where Warner places usslay for instance Utah or whyomi (MORE)

Why does your cat act nice one minute and nasty the next?

Cats can be pretty funny creatures, but there is a method to the madness. First of all, cats sleep for the majority of the day (sometimes close to 20 hours) so, for the few ho (MORE)