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How do you learn ninjutsu?

Go to google maps and look up Ninjustu lessons in wherever you live. For example, Ninjutsu lessons in Hatboro, PA. There may be a place that teaches ninjutu near you. Now if y (MORE)
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Can you use ninjutsu?

Answer . Those that know ninjutsu certainly use it. It can be used and abused.. Ninjutsu is a specific branch of the martial arts originating in Japan. It is not a generi (MORE)
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What is ninjutsu?

ninjutsu is the art of assassination and mind slaying it was the martial arts of the ninjas in fedual japan or however u spell that.. ninjutsu was orignated from India [but at (MORE)
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Is ninjutsu real?

No ! it's fake only on club penguin.
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Is it possible to learn ninjutsu?

Certainly. The hard part is finding a qualified instructor who can show legitimate connection to the ancient ninja families.
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How long does it take to learn ninjutsu?

some forms of ninjutsu recognize 15 levels each degree of ninjutsu black belt takes time to learn for example 1st degree black belt, you must have it for one full year to be p (MORE)
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What is the ability ninjutsu in magic the gathering?

Ninjutsu [cost] (cost) reveal this card from your hand return an unblocked creature you control to its owners hand put this card into play from your hand tapped and attacking
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What is the strongest ninjutsu?

windmill raesagun. which at the time was an incomplete jutsu by the 4th hokage. eventually Naruto learned about this incomplete jutsu after being told by kakashi sensei. Nar (MORE)
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Where in India can you learn ninjutsu?

Ninja Federation of Martial-Arts Manav Vikas Gurukul Numbarwadi Narayangaon Tal. Junner Dist. Pune PIN 410504 Maharashtra, Pune (+91) 7709566399 ninjagurukul (MORE)
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When was ninjutsu invented not Masashi Kishimoto's version but actual ninjutsu?

i have done reasonable research on this topic some say it was made for self defense for farmers against samauri cold hard truth it traces back to india. But it actually became (MORE)
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Who invented ninjutsu?

Japanese rebels who wished to oppose the samurai. Interesting fact: they used ordinary household items for weapons, which have evolved to the point where their original purpos (MORE)
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What does ninjutsu stand for?

The Ninja Japanese conji means heart & blade ... The original names for the art were Ninpo, and Shinobijutsu (or Shinobinojutsu) and somethimes called Ninpo Taijutsu if you ar (MORE)
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How do you use ninjutsu?

Ninja fighting arts (ninpo taijutsu, or even weapons techniques) can be used for extreme cases of self defense, as well as impressing balance and fluid motion. Ninja survival (MORE)
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Are there ninjutsu in the Philippines?

Ninjutsu unfortunately there are still no ninjutsu dojos here in the Philippines There is an instructor in Indonesia who was going to take over the internation (MORE)
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Is there a ninjutsu class in chennai?

Ninja Federation of Martial-Arts Manav Vikas Gurukul Numbarwadi Narayangaon Tal. Junner Dist. Pune Pin 410504 Maharashtra, India www.n (MORE)
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What age do you have to be to do ninjutsu?

Anyone can do Ninjutsu. However, if you want to learn how to fight (taijutsu) you may want to find a dojo, and underage will need a parent. However, fighting is not the only i (MORE)
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When was ninjutsu invented?

Well, the origins date back to vagabonds fighting arts in China, but the concepts and the art was originated from Japan. Sadly there are many people who study Ninjutsu that ar (MORE)
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Can sakura use medical ninjutsu?

yes,she is trained by lady tsunade (the 5th hokage)she is accuay very skilled in it but as far as i know she cant use any ninjustsu,so shes kinda like rock lee ;D
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What is the hardest ninjutsu to learn in naruto?

there are so many its really hard to tell but personally i would think Futon: Rasenshuriken because it combines chakra control which kakashi had said that even jounin still ha (MORE)
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How do you learn ninjutsu from naruto?

To learn ninjutsu from the series of Naruto first you have to learn chakra moulding and the manipulation (control) of chakra. Chakra moulding deals with learning how to use it (MORE)