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What is NI Elvis?

NI-ELVIS. National Instruments - Educational Laboratory Virtual Instruments Suite.. This is a combination of hardware and software which provides a suite of scientific inst ( Full Answer )
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What does Ni mean?

Ni means or. As an adverb it can mean neither, and as a conjunctionit can mean or, neither or nor. It also means "you" in Chinese. more definitions: ( Full Answer )
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What is nis?

Niš or Nish (both: nēsh), city (1991 pop. 175,391), SE Serbia, on the Nišava River. An important railway and industrial center, it has industries that textiles, ci ( Full Answer )
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Who nis kendra?

me Airiss bff haha forget nijah it is kendra is my bff and heyy kendra this is airiss
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No tenga ni cruz ni piedra?

It is a phrase that has not translation that makes sense. It hasneither cross nor stone
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Alamat ni malakas at ni maganda?

Ang alamat nina maLakas at maganda ay ang pinaniniwalaang pinagmulan ng mga tao. Naniniwala ang marami na sila ay nagmula sa nabiyak na kawayan dahil sa pagbagsak ng isang mal ( Full Answer )
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What is ni aitai?

"I want to meet ..." eg. "Elvis ni aitai" --> "I want to meet Elvis."
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What nis a pronoun?

A pronoun is a word that substitues a noun. For example instead of saying: "John went to the shops because John needed milk." you could say: "John went to the shops because ( Full Answer )
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Is Ni a base?

The Element Nickel: symbol Ni; at no 28; at wt 58.69; valence 2,3; melt 1455ºC; boil 2890ºC; density @25ºC 8.902 g/ cc is a Transition Metal , discovered in 1751. ( Full Answer )
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What is the element of Ni?

The element Ni is nickel.It is present in group-10.its atomic number is 28. Ni stands for nickel. It is a metal located in the d-block. The stable Ni2+ ion is green in color. ( Full Answer )