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What are the complications of an o and o- union?

Answer . If the mother is o- and its a first pregnancy then there are rarely any complications. Its during subsequent pregnancies when problems arise. If its a first pregna ( Full Answer )
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What is o-phthaldehyde?

O-phthaldehyde (OPA) is a small fluorscent molecule that reacts with primary amines, predominantly lysines and N-termins amines, in aqueas solutions at room temperature. It is ( Full Answer )
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What is o?

Answer O is a letter when say O by its self it usually means thatthey are shocked or surprised about something.
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What does the O in O. Henry stand for?

American writer William Porter never explained how he came up with his penname O. Henry. There are a few popular theories:. The Harrells, with whom Porter stayed in Austin, h ( Full Answer )
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Who is a sportsman with initials O O?

Oleksander Onishchenko is a sportsman with the initials OO.Onishchenko was born on March 31, 1969 and is a retired Olympicequestrian from Ukraine.
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What is o kitetochore?

A kinetochore is another name for a centromere. A centromere is theprotein structure of a cell involved in cell division.
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How do know had an o?

Dude your Q is so badly worded it cant have an A ................................................I LIKE FRIED CHICKEN
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What is X and O?

That is hard to answer without knowing the context in which you saw it. At the end of a letter or sometimes in text messaging, x means kiss and o means hug.
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What song has o wee o wee o in it?

Mrs. Officer by Lil Wayne n Bobby Valentino love that song. wee o wee wee like a cop car ;)
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O or o- which is universal dodor?

Both. O Pos is universal for positive RH, O Neg is universal for RH negative.
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Do you spell the letter o with an o?

Regarding the letter 'o' the answer is yes. The exclamation, oh, as in "Oh yes, now I remember!", is spelledthis way. Some people refer to the number zero as "o" but it shou ( Full Answer )
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Food that has an o in it?

Food names that contain the letter O: . almonds . arrowroot . bologna . bouillabaisse . bouillon . Broccoli . Cantaloupe . Carrots . cauliflower . chiffon pie . Cod ( Full Answer )
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What the O in O Henry stands for?

he got the name from his prison . Oh io P en itentia ry .
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Is O or O- the universal donor?

O negative would technically be the universal donor since theydon't produce anti-A or anti-B (which would react with andcoagulate type A and type B blood respectively). Since ( Full Answer )
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Why is o?

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO a b c d e f g h i j k l m n OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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O Y o?

this is a simble that in Africa means peace and when they see people they greet them by saying this.
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Parents o- and o plus have o plus baby?

I think so......... I am not sure. So, I guess it's possible for it to happen. Yeah..... I'm pretty sure it is...... So........ Yeah, I guess they can.
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What is hard O?

A hard o? I think you mean a "Hard on", Well a Hard on means Your penis is getting "bigger" or your having an "Erection"
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Who was o caoinlean?

ok the O'Caoinleans were an Irish clan that desendented from the Caron clan O'Caoinlean is a Gaelic name that means mysteries traveler but it translators from Gaelic to Englis ( Full Answer )
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What is this lyric from O e o e o?

Ice, ice ice! from Brrr Cold In Here (Clovers And Toros) - Bring It On .
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Can you change from o plus to o?

This is a genetic factor related to chromosomal information on genes, which decides if u r positive or negative. until now genes are fixed and cannot be changed.
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What does the 'O' in 'O Canada' mean?

The sign of the vocative case, O (or oh) before a name signals direct address. O Canada means something like "Hey there, Canada, I'm talking to you."
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Does or have a long o or short o?

It has a long O in US English, although it is a caret O or "aw" sound in British English. The difference, as in the words for and more, is that the R sound comes afterward, al ( Full Answer )
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Why is there an O in people?

The O was not part of the Middle English term (peple) but was part of the Anglo-French words (pople aka peuple), which comes from the Latin populus . The word "people" seems ( Full Answer )
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What does o O o mean on clubpenguin?

It`s surprisingly a face! That face is oOo or OoO because it meansthat they`re interested or surprised! Just look at it. The small"o`s" are the eyes. The big O is the mouth. o ( Full Answer )
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Is the o in for a short o?

o is not the short for o because o is a letter and letters do not have a short version for that letter.
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How do you spell o o?

The mild exclamation of worry is spelled " oh oh ."(similar to 'uh oh') The exclamation of admiration, awe, or approval is spelled" ooo ." "Oh oh. It looks like the cat got i ( Full Answer )
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What can i do for bag o' me?

i dont get that question but the answer to everything is try your best and keep going no matter what
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When do o get the answer?

If one is seeking an answer, there are a few ways in which one can go about finding it. If the question is in a text book, one can refer to the back of the book for the answer ( Full Answer )
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Is O-O non polar?

Any bond between two atoms of the same element are non polar. Hence, O-O bond is non polar.
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Can o and b have an a?

No, O and B blood type parents can not create an A blood type offspring. The only blood type offspring that can be created by these parents is O+, O-, B+, or B-.
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What does ctrl o do?

CTRL+O is typically used as an accelerator (or shortcut keystroke) for the Open File command.
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Is the o in the hospital a short o?

Yes. The O has the same short sound as in gospel and prosper . The sound is different in boss and moss.
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What is O in Hebrew?

There is no O in the Hebrew language. Hebrew uses an entirely different writing system. The alphabet has no vowels in it. Vowels can sometimes be represented with accent marks ( Full Answer )