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HOW to get oaks letter?

you need to get the 3 regis to awake regigigas at snow points temple to find cresselia you need the new pokedex why do birds suddenly appear everytime you are near yeah by Jus ( Full Answer )
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How do you get the oak letter?

You get the oak letter by going to eterna city after you get a national dex and you go to the house next to the guy with short brown hair near the gym. Go into the house and y ( Full Answer )
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How do you get poison oak?

You get poison oak from touches poison oak (green, three leaves not hairy leaves) which gives off a black type of oil which stays on your skin or clothes etc.. Also you could ( Full Answer )
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What is oak veneer?

Oak veneer is a laminated wood that appears to be actual wood.While it has aspects of the real thing, it is a composite.
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Where to get oaks letter?

It is the azure flute to get Aruseus and its an event item. Ofcourse you can also get it via action replay code. aruseus: 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 0000000 ( Full Answer )
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What does oak mean?

noun : a deciduous tree of the genus Quercus; has acorns and lobed leaves (Example: "Great oaks grow from little acorns" ) . noun : the hard durable wood of any oak; used ( Full Answer )
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Where do you find oak?

after you beat the game and get the national pokedex he is in the last house to the left in eterna city
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What do you do when you get oaks letter?

If i'm right you should go to the end the route that is east of the pokemon leauge and there you will see oak with a path that wasnt there first. Go up and up and up and you w ( Full Answer )
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What to do about Poison-oak?

When you talk Poison-ivy, you're talking Urushiol poisoning. Urushiol is very sophisticated oil-based, hydrophobic toxin. When it comes in contact with skin, you have about 15 ( Full Answer )
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What is oak wood?

oak wood is a type off wood that comes off oak tree branches it can be used for floors and all other sorts of things.
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Where do get oaks letter?

You get oaks letter from a special event that is on the internet or wifi. you get it from any poke-mart in sinnoh
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Is oak evergreen?

No. Alternative answer: . Oak trees are members of the genus Quercus . Some are deciduous, some not. For a list of evergreen species of oak, see: ( Full Answer )
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Can oak be an adverb?

No. It is a noun, or an adjective referring to the trees, theirwood, or the wood's color. Something cannot be done "in an oaklike manner."
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Which oak is faster sawtooth oak or northern red oak?

Sawtooth oak and Northern red oak are both fast growing trees.Sawoak tree is native in Asian countries while Northern red oaktree is native in North America. Sawoak tree can g ( Full Answer )
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What is oak grove?

This is my school!!!!!!! Oak Lake County, Illinois!!! I know there are like a billion of these schools with the same name and stuff...but mine rocks!! What about yo ( Full Answer )
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Where is oak harbor?

oak harbor is in the U.S.A in Washington.. if u want to know what direction it is in the north.. i live in oak harbor that is why i knew that answer.
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What does the oak letter do?

it lets you unlock shymain if u go to the oldman that blocks the cave in the victory road he lets u in with the oak letter
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What is white oak?

just go and enter white oak or oak then you will find it and the person who wrote this cant read
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What is Rowan Oak?

Rowan Oak is William Faulkner's former home in Oxford, Mississippi. Rowan Oak was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1968.
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Is oak expensive?

all lumber comes with knots and also clear of knots, the clear is the most expensive. Oak is more expensive than pine. It's a harder wood and finishes nicer when staining.
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Where you get oaks letter?

from a event or a cheat but you have to go to a pokemart to get it in the game
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What can you do for poison oak?

Spray alcohol on a cotton ball and then rub it on your infected area. Just did it myself actually:)
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Why do oak trees have oak balls on them?

The large and round gall you commonly see in oak is called oakapple or oak gall. These are product of larva the producerschemicals. There are several oak gall that you can fou ( Full Answer )
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What is Tulip oak?

A tulip oak is a type of tree that grows in the rainforest. Thereis less than 10,000 of them left in world. They are found in theAmericas, Asia, Africa, and Australia.
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Where is proffessor oak?

not so sure about what point in the game but he is in a small blue house in eterna city
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Where is profeser oak?

In Pokemon Pearl, you have to beat the league of pokemon. Once completed, he will appear. He will check to see how your national pokedex is going. He stays in a small house in ( Full Answer )
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What is Fairy Oak?

Fairy Oak is a collection of books. It starts with the Twins Trilogy: The Secret of the Twins The Charm of Darkness The Power of Light After, there is The Four Mysteries o ( Full Answer )
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Who is Brittany oaks?

a actress who played the role of thing 2 in the 2003 movie the cat in the hat who was also played by talia Lynn prairie.
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Can you get poison oak from the oak tree?

No. Poison Oak is a different species than oak trees. Poison Oak is a shrub with leaves that look similar to an oak trees.
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What is made from oak?

Oak acorns are harvested by native Americans to grind into flour. The leaves are collected during autumn for gardening mulch. The lumber is milled into timbers and boards f ( Full Answer )
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What is the color oak?

Oak is not really a color but can be used to describe the color light brown as it relates to the color of an oak piece of wood.
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Is oak pollinated?

no An oak will only be pollinated if the insects visiting have done their job.
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Is Oak renewable?

Yes, but trees take a long time to grow, and not all the groupsthat cut them down even plant new ones, let alone make sure theyaren't cutting down more than they plant. So, is ( Full Answer )
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What gender is an oak?

Gender role is generally defined as a set of attitudes, behaviors, and self-presentation methods ascribed to members of a certain biological sex. This includes norms for behav ( Full Answer )
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The oak rigedes-?

The Oak Ridges is a community in Ontario, Canada. The Oak RidgeBoys was a country musical group that was popular in the 1980s and1990s.