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Is it ok to crossdress?

Yes. It's repression that is not ok: repression that leads to all sorts of mental problems.
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Is it ok to be Bisexual?

If that is how you are or feel you are then it is perfectly alright. As long as you are honest with yourself and can deal with it. My personal opinion is that a person who say ( Full Answer )
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Is suicide ok?

Depends a lot on ones society. America, Europe and most Western countries feel that suicide is a crime, at least in the moral or religious sense. Other cultures however aren't ( Full Answer )
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Is it OK to be gay?

Yes, though there will always be some who disapprove. But then, there will always be some who disapprove of guys having long hair or girls having body piercing. My own neig ( Full Answer )
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Is sex ok?

Sex is perfectly okay, really depends on you're belief's and you're age, but you do think about what you are about to do, it could be a wrong time, like drunk at a party... Th ( Full Answer )
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What is the etymology of OK?

Many fanciful derivations for okay abound. Most likely, okay comes from the Gullah word okeh. "Most likely" No, not most likely. Possible - but rather unlikely. Most lik ( Full Answer )
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Is gay ok?

It should only be the concern of the Gay person. It is perfectly OK to be Gay or anything else. We are all who we are and do not have do defend it to anyone.
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Is whaling OK?

Whaling is not ok at all. Whaling is dramatically reducing the number of whales left in the world, and they kill them in cruel and horrible ways.
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Why is whaling Not OK?

Whales are not farmed. Hence, it's not possible to make sure you leave enough alive to breed, and now may species are in danger if extinction. They live a long time. They repr ( Full Answer )
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When is it ok to lie?

There's no certain time you can choose to lie about something. Lying is bad and dis respect to another person. Let say that you did the white lies, you will cover that with an ( Full Answer )
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Acronym of OK?

Abbreviation of oll korrect , slang respelling of all correct . This acronym was coined during the US War, it means: Zero Killed
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Is it ok to cry?

Depending your reason....if it's something serious like Losing your father....but it'll be stupid if it is something like not being able to watch Spongebob or something....
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Is it ok to be in love?

Yes, it is okay to be in love. Love itself is not a crime. The things one does because of love is what a person wants to be most careful of. Remember, love doesn't mean commit ( Full Answer )
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What is Ok in Spanish?

The term " vale " (pronounced " bale ") is "OK" in Spanish. To respond in the affirmative, as in 'OK' or 'fine' then you would say bien (good).
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Is it ok to lie?

NO. Any lying is wrong. According to the Bible. Look up verses in the back of a Bible about lying. Or Google it. Additional information: The Bible says that lying is some ( Full Answer )
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Is it ok to have a girlfriend?

I think yes, it's nothing wrong, unless you want to push her to make sex with you
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Cloning is OK?

NO!!!!!!. You can die.. of cloning. Your body might fail in surgery and die. You will sleep in a rusty and unlucky coffing. If you brave read the 2 enters down.. Are you sur ( Full Answer )
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What is the fullform of OK?

The meaning of OK is Oll Korrect these are greek words that means all correct.
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Is it ok to be sad?

Of course it's ok to be sad, it is a natural part of human emotions, but if it is really bothering you, it might be depression or something so you might need to go see a docto ( Full Answer )
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Is it ok to be an atheist?

No problem. Why pretend to be a Christian or Muslim if that is not how you really feel. In the United States, around 12 per cent of the population are either atheist or agnost ( Full Answer )
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Fever 99 ok or not ok?

Its A minor Fever You should probably put ice on your head or bathe in cold water.
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Where was ok at ok corral filmed?

I know that Tombstone was filmed at the old tuscon studios and I think that the OK Corral was filmed there as well
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So which is it OK ok OK or okay?

All of the alternate spellings seem to be okay. Or OK. The spelling of the word is not the only thing that there are questions about. The etymology is also still somewhat in q ( Full Answer )
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Is the undertaker ok?

i guess that's an opinion. i would say hes okay but other may think otherwise. :)
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Why is a monopoly OK?

monopoly is OK because it is neither good or bad.... monopoly is the condition where there is a single seller... he is also called " price maker "..... single seller controls ( Full Answer )
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Is bullying ok?

Not at all. Bullying is unnecessary and rude. It only shows that the bully feels insecure or jealous. It only results in pain. Nothing good comes from it. Don't bully.
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When is it OK to be racist?

Never is it okay as it solves nothing at all and only adds to problems.
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Is it ok to be racist?

It's not okay to be racist. Your judging someone by how they were born. If you were a Chinese kid in an all white school and you got harassed because you weren't like everyone ( Full Answer )
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What does ok stand for in OK?

It stands for Oklahoma. I'm not kidding. Look it up on the net. The problem is, you've probably waited so long for a reply to this question that you probably have already look ( Full Answer )
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Do you say ok or OK?

The correct way to say it is Okay which is how I usually write it.
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Is it OK to cuddle?

This depends on who you are cuddling with. No harm in cuddling exists if both parties are willing.
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How do you spell ok is it ok or okay?

It can be spelled either way. Okay, OK, and O.K. are all acceptablespellings of the word.
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When is it ok to be mean?

hmm its never really nice to be mean and there isnt really a timefor it but i guess you could be mean if you are just playing aroundbut be careful on what you say and do
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Is 9646 ok?

"Normal" blood pressure is more than 120 over 80 and less than 140over 90. So 96 over 46 is low