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Is it okay to be bisexual?

Im bisexual and am going out with a gurl, and it ok. but only do it u want to do it If you're worried about bisexuality, don't. I'm bisexual and it's fine. Sometimes peopl ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to crossdress?

Why not the only problem with it is the ridicule you may have to put up with from people that want you to conform to what they think you should like and not like. Also if you ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay or okay?

its OK or okay How you spell it is a matter of personal taste. Okay is just a longer spelling-out of OK and makes it look more like, well, a word, since is has no more mean ( Full Answer )
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How do you spell okay?

You can spell okay three ways, you can spell it okay, O.K., or o.k. but if you are writing a story of short story you want to spell it okay or it is considered miss-spelled. ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to you?

NOOOOOOOOOOO it is not you can not be fat and still like the color green you bowling ball. Go find some friends that actually do not eat thirty pounds of live alligators for d ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to be a lesbian?

It isn't better or worse; it's purely a personal thing and best not to stress about. Follow your own wishes and needs, and remember there's no point making a fuss about it w ( Full Answer )
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Is homeschooling okay?

It is the best way to learn. You will be taught at your own pace. Not necessarily. homeschooling can be the best way if the parent or gaurdian is willing to devote themselves ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to be bi?

yes of corse it is. you belive you whatever you want to belive and other people should respect that
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Is it okay to flirt?

Of course it is ok to flirt if you like someone or something you can flirt it is alright to flirt
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Is it okay to be a polygamist?

What is OK from one person to the next varies from one person to another. However, in most states/countries polygamy is illegal.
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Is it okay to be a cheerleader?

you can be a cheerleader if you want if someone says that you shouldn't then don't listen to then follow what you want to do not what other people want you to do and you have ( Full Answer )
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Why is it okay to be scare but is not okay to be afraid?

Scared and afraid are two words which have the same meaning. Being afraid is a survival characteristic in all animals, including humans; the need to survive makes us sensitiv ( Full Answer )
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Is it proper to write okay or okay?

well of you are like writing it out it is okay but if you are just going to just like write it out than you are going to just write OK
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Is it okay to slouch?

Of COURSE it is, sitting up straight is bad for your health.reclining is the healthiest posture.
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Is it okay to love?

Yes, if a person being the age whereas dating is okay, i don't see why loving your significant other is a big deal. Love can take many forms; it's a pity, and unnecessarily ( Full Answer )
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When is it okay to graffiti?

Depends on the graffiti...if its in terms of art or vandalism...there is a difference. i think what makes it popular is in terms of expression. People express themselves in di ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to be a bully?

No it is not. Many children have committed suicide because of bullying. We do not need anymore bullies in the world. Also people are trying to get cyberbullying and possibly a ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to diet?

Yes, only if it is healthy. NEVER starve yourself. It has actually been proved that if you skip meals(especially breakfast) your body holds onto the fat because it thinks your ( Full Answer )
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What is it is okay in Japanese?

To ask if it is alright to do something, the formula is [negative stem] + なくてもいい? (nakute mo ii?). For example, if I wanted to ask if it was ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to not have a circumcision?

Yes it certainly is OK not to have your penis mutilated with the removal of the foreskin. The foreskin is an important part of the proper function of the penis. It protect the ( Full Answer )
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Where is undertaker and is he okay?

The Whereabouts of the undertaker is unknown, but the deadman wouldn't leave the WWE just like that. he is the most respected man in wwe. so he will be back soon.
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Is it okay not to be cool?

yes. if you want to be un-cool or want to think that you're not cool. but trust me YOU ARE COOL :)
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Is rvd okay?

yes he is okay TNA is fake and all other wrestling shows like WWE and RAW
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Do you spell it okay or okay?

It does not seem to make any difference which was it is written. Some prefer OK because it is the shortest way. However, the spelling preferred by College Professors is "okay" ( Full Answer )
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When is racism okay?

To many, it is never okay to generalize and stereotype people based on the color of their skin or their heritage. Many see no way racism can help anyone as all it does is divi ( Full Answer )
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What does okay okay okay mean?

when someones repeatedly says okay, (usually 3 times in a row) it means that they either heard you say something to them too many times over and over again, or, whomever the p ( Full Answer )
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What is okay in Irish?

Tá ceart! (Is right!) Maith go leor! (good enough!) Ceart! (right!) "Everything is OK" is "Gach uile shórt ceart."
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Is it okay to be rasist?

it is so perfectly fine and okay to be rasist, because its your belief if someone doesn't like what you have to say they can suck it up!
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Is okay if you are a lesbian?

YES YES YES of course it's ok :) it's a wonderful thing actually there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being a lesbian don't feel shame for it don't be disappointed be happy ( Full Answer )
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Is it okay to be cremated?

if you mean morally then it just matters on your decision cremation could b done if you want to be taken somewhere special and be slowly thrown into the wind or spread into a ( Full Answer )
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Why its okay to hunt?

it fine to hunt because humans hunt so they can eat.animals also hunt in order to survive.
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What is are you okay in Chinese?

"ni mei shi ma?" 你没事吗? ni 你 = you mei 没 = don't have shi 事 = problem ma 吗?= word that denotes a question "You ( Full Answer )
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Is okay an adjective?

Yes, it can be (is that okay?). It usually means acceptable, orsatisfactory. It can also be used as an adverb, or as a verb (toapprove).
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Is it okay to be popular?

no no one should be higher talented than someone else so if you are popular in your school try to tell your posse that you know your popular and if you still are popular then ( Full Answer )