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What is the full meaning of om?

Om (or AUM) is the sacred syllable of Hinduism and represents God or Brahman - the source of all existence representing the three qualities inherent in the Cosmic Vibration. ( Full Answer )
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What do om symbol tattoos symbolize?

OM symbolizes the Supreme God and his creation. Some people, hindus as well as non-hindus, like to have it tattooed on their body.
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What is the meaning of om?

om is also know as aum. It represents three sounds one for each godBrahma Vishnu and Mahesh.
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Where does cocoa ome from?

Ome stands for oh my elephant. did u know that? it's kinda like omg but w/ an e instead. ^_^. OROPF-SDOKDKHOKOLGTKJUYGFRGGTHY KLOUI
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What is Om Namah Shivaya?

This is a Hindu chant praising Shiva, the dynamic deity of Birth and Death and the cycle of creation and destruction, amongst other things (such as dancing).
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What are OME specs?

OME when relating to automobiles, stands for Old Man Emu. Specs ofOME would refer to specifications of Old Man Emu suspensionsystems.
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What is the meaning of Om Shanti Om?

Om is the sacred sound of the universe, that which created all, shanti is peace. It is basically a prayer for peace.
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What is the definition of om shanti om?

Om is the sacred sound of the universe. And I think its a Hindu god or something like that but i know Shanti means peace.
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What does OME mean?

It means Oh my Edward. Referring to Edward Cullen of the Twilight saga which is the best saga ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or in automotive terms, "Original Manufactures Equipment".
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What does the Om mean?

OM means beginning with no thing that create and starts all processes and create everything..and when it needed only OM can destruct or end up all the proc ( Full Answer )
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What is the OMS?

The Overseas Missionary Service is a UK based charity that sends missionaries from 6 countries to do good work in 19 countries around the world.
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Who starred in the bollywood movie Om Shanti Om?

Shahrukh Khan ...... Om Prakash Makhija / Om Kapoor Deepika Padukone ...... Shantipriya / Sandy Shreyas Talpade ...... Pappau Master Vishal Dadlani ...... Special appear ( Full Answer )
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What does OM represent?

'Om' is called Pranavah which mean "the ideal name" or "the appropriate name" for the lord. Pra means "appropriate". navah means "name". It symbolises the supreme self, Br ( Full Answer )
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Is om shanti om a comedy?

no om shanti om is a mix of comedy and drama. but mostly drama (with suspicion)
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At the end of om shanti om is it shanti or sandy?

At the end Shanti's ghost comes and tells Mukesh and Om what Mukesh did with Shanti's body. Pappu and Sandy bursts through the door after Shanti's ghost tells Om and Mukesh ev ( Full Answer )
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Om what continent is the Philippines located?

The Philippines are a group of islands and thus not part of any continent. They are near Asia and are usually classified as being part of Southeast Asia.
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What does om symbolize?

You could be highly analytical about it and say that it is about this or that, but for the most part, it's a representation of Hinduism and of the relation between God and his ( Full Answer )
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How do you make a om sign?

Draw a circle more then half (75%), after that draw the minus sign on both sides of the end point of the circle. Note:- The end points of the circle must be on bottom side.
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Is Om the best mantra?

OM (or AUM) is known as complete universe i.e. everything is originated from OM and will end up in OM it is whole sole of everything and according to Hindu all humans are made ( Full Answer )
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Where do bannans ome from and why?

bannans live up ur bum and u have a little seed up there tht grows so in the mornin if u stick ue hand up ur bun u will find a bannana.
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How do you cook the meat om Runescape?

Use uncooked meat on a fire or a range. If your cooking level is high enough (Assuming you are talking standard meats it will be) it will cook or burn it. The higher your lev ( Full Answer )
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What are OM and A costs?

Not sure about the "A" but OM costs are Operational and Maintenance costs (OPEX costs).
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What does om om shanti mean?

Shanti means peace in Hindi. Om doesn't really have a literal meaning, it's more like an exclamation like oh!
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What actors and actresses appeared in Om Sweet Om - 2011?

The cast of Om Sweet Om - 2011 includes: Alistair Abell as Detective Ward Stacey Barrington as Reporter Stacey Barrington as Susan Duncan Jacob Blair as Officer Steve Julie Br ( Full Answer )
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What actors and actresses appeared in Om Shanti Om - 2007?

The cast of Om Shanti Om - 2007 includes: Masood Akhtar as Old Dressman Shawar Ali as himself Saif Ali Khan as himself Sev Anand as Dev Anand Malaika Arora as herself Amrita A ( Full Answer )
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What are the release dates for Om Shanti Om - 2007?

Om Shanti Om - 2007 was released on: Belgium: 7 November 2007 India: 9 November 2007 Ireland: 9 November 2007 Netherlands: 9 November 2007 UK: 9 November 2007 USA ( Full Answer )