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What does an 'om' tattoo symbolize?

its a Hindu smbol that means absolute knowledge & all creation. It represents perfection. It represents an all powerful, all knowledgeable, supreme being. It also means divine (MORE)
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Where does cocoa ome from?

Ome stands for oh my elephant. did u know that? it's kinda like omg but w/ an e instead. ^_^. OROPF-SDOKDKHOKOLGTKJUYGFRGGTHY KLOUI
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What does 'om nom nom' mean?

'OM NOM NOM' is the sound that the Cookie monster makes while eating a cookie. It is an onomatopoeia: a word formed by imitation of a sound. It is also a really cool website (MORE)
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What is OMS certification means?

OMS- ORGANIZATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. This certification is expected from employee by some of the renowned companys
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What are OME specs?

OME when relating to automobiles, stands for Old Man Emu. Specs ofOME would refer to specifications of Old Man Emu suspensionsystems.
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What does OME mean?

It means Oh my Edward. Referring to Edward Cullen of the Twilight saga which is the best saga ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or in automotive terms, "Original Manufactures Equipment".
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What is the OMS?

The Overseas Missionary Service is a UK based charity that sends missionaries from 6 countries to do good work in 19 countries around the world.
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What are ome good fat jokes?

Are you a christian? if you are or aren't, go to Rockpoint church on Keats Avenue in Stillwater, MN!
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Where do bannans ome from and why?

bannans live up ur bum and u have a little seed up there tht grows so in the mornin if u stick ue hand up ur bun u will find a bannana.
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What are ome action words for candy?

Candy is a noun, so what can we do to/with it? We can sell it. We can buy it. We can eat it. We can break it into pieces. There's a lot of things we can do with candy. (MORE)
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What is OMS in SAP?

OMS is Output Management System. Which is used for SAP printing and (optionally) faxing
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When was Marcel Oms born?

Marcel Oms was born on December 16, 1931, in Perpignan, Pyrnes-Orientales, France.
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Ome word for boat race?

One word that means the same as boat races is regatta.