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What are rocks?

Answer. Rocks are non-living solid objects, formed by nature, composed of a mineral or minerals.
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Who is the rock?

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Where is The Rock?

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What type of rock is the original rock?

No one really know what rock came first but I would assume it would be Igneous because it came from volcanoes and those have been around a long time. Sedimentary rocks take mi ( Full Answer )
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What is a rock?

A rock is a bundle of minerals as a solid; \n. A rock is any solid mass of mineral or mineral-like matter that occurs naturally as part of our planet. The official definiti ( Full Answer )
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What does rocks do?

They does nothing but sit there. There is such thing as a rock cycle though, which makes the different types of rocks (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous) and it recycles th ( Full Answer )
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What is in rocks?

Rocks are composed of minerals which are naturally occurring solids, with a specific chemical formula, are inorganic, and have a crystalline structure. Some rocks are also of ( Full Answer )
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What if there were no rocks?

i guess there would be no planets and there would be no people so there would be nothing at all
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How do rocks become metamorphic rocks?

A metamorphic rock is an igneous, sedimentary, or another metamorphic rock that has been: 1) squeezed by incredible pressures deep underground, 2) has been exposed to very hot ( Full Answer )
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What kind of rock is the Snoopy rock?

The Snoopy Rock of Sedona, Arizona, is composed of striking red sandstone, weathered into a rough shape of a reclining Snoopy.
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Is lava rock a metamorphic rock?

no lava is a liquid that when cooled forms extrusive igneous rock Metamorphic rock is something that has been "metamorphosed" usually by being shoved down into the high tem ( Full Answer )
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What type of rock is organic rock?

An Organic rock is an Sedimentary rock and it is made in the ocean from calcium and other minerals building up on the ocean floor :)
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How can you tell a rock is a metamorphic rock?

As we all know these rocks are formed at areas of high temperature and pressure. These rocks are ruch in minerals like sillimanite, kyanite, staurolite, andalusite, and some g ( Full Answer )
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Is ayers rock the oldest rock?

No. The Ediacara fauna / fossils are considered pre Cambrian. But if you really want to know about old rocks, have a crack at zircons .
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Sedimentary rock to igneous rock?

The sedimentary rock is melted then after volcanic activity the rock cools into a igneous rock.
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What rocks are found in Wave Rock?

Wave Rock, near Hyden in Western Australia, is made of granite . Specifically, it is an inselberg made up of medium and coarse-grained porphyritic granite.
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Why is ayers rock a rock and not a mountain?

Because it is not a mountain only a GIANT rock. If it was a mountain it would probably be much longer and wider. And it would be called Ayers Mt.
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Is a lava rock a real rock?

Yes. Lava is the name given to magma that has reached the surface via eruption. The word 'lava' is also used to denote the solidified product of lava - extrusive igneous rock. ( Full Answer )
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What rocks are molten rocks?

There are three types of rock - igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Igneous rocks formed directly from magma (molten rock flowing under ground) or lava (molten rock flowin ( Full Answer )
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What is sedimentary rock in the rock cycle?

Sedimentary rock is basically rock formed from cemented particles of weathered and eroded rocks of all three rock types. There are exceptions, however.
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What is the process for a rock to become a rock?

"It just does" Not correct. Stars, or more accurately, Super Novas, are for example the reason why diamonds are formed. Rocks then, are formed from a variety of incidents an ( Full Answer )
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What type of rock is hard rock?

It is just the hard sort. Most hard rock was constructed by slow solidification of magma but some metamorphosed sedimentary and igneous rocks can also be considered to be 'ha ( Full Answer )
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Why is igneous rocks the oldest rock?

Igneous rock is volcanic. Earth had volcanoes - lots of volcanoes - long before it had appreciable water. Water is necessary for sedimentary rocks, and sedimentary rocks are n ( Full Answer )
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What type of rock is charcoal rock?

It is called igneous rock. This means that it's origins were originally cooled magma which solidifies. Note that it can also be metamorphic.
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Is Ayers rock or Uluru a rock?

Uluru/Ayers Rock is a single large rock or monolith, the second-largest in the world. It is more correctly termed an inselberg , which is a single isolated hill that stands ( Full Answer )
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What cause rock to be igneous rock?

It starts with molten material [magma], when volcanic activity starts the molten material turns into igneous rock.
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What types of rock are igneous rock?

igneous rocks are melted rocks and melted metal that cools quickly or slowly from a volcano and usually from magma .
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What type of rocks are dolerite rocks?

Dolerite rocks are a type of igneous rocks (formed as a result ofcooling of magma or lava). They are mafic (45-52% SiO 2 ),and subvolcanic (formed within the earth's crust). W ( Full Answer )
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What rock is a metamorphic rock?

Amphibolite Blueschist Eclogite Gneiss Granulite Greenschist Greenstone Hornfels Marble - limestone Marble - dolomite Migmatite Phyllite Quartzite Sc ( Full Answer )
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How rocks change in rock cycle?

Rocks change in the rock cycle by intense heat, pressure, or erosion. Rocks become either igneous or metamorphic through heat/pressure, and sedimentary rocks are formed when r ( Full Answer )
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