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How does a mangonel or an onager technically work?

The design of the scorpion, which they now call the onager, is as follows. Two beams of oak or holm-oak are fashioned and given a moderate curvature so that they seem to bulge ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the onager siege engine?

If you mean the ancient catapult, used as a stone-throwing war machine, nobody knows, but you can bet it was a soldier or military engineer.
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How does a onager work?

Bundles of rope would be help together by a piece of wood. When this wood was released the force of the rope would prepel the lever.
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What does the onager use as ammo?

The onager was a form of military catapult, and typically used stones as ammunition. It could also throw incendiary devices (intended to start fires). In some cases, dead anim ( Full Answer )
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Is a onager like a ballista?

no, it is from a different country (rome) but it is a versian of a catapult
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What is the difference between a catapult and an onager?

They're basically the same thing except that the onager was an earlier design, used more around Roman times while a catapult was bigger and was modified for medieval usage.
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Is an onager a herbivore?

Yes, it's related to horses and donkeys. It's often referred to as an Asian donkey. Onsager were once domesticated and are mentioned in the Bible as "donkeys", their being nat ( Full Answer )
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How long did it take the roman to build an onager?

It probably took no longer than fifteen or twenty minutes for the Roman to assemble their artillery, possibly less. The army was very efficient and as much of their artillery ( Full Answer )
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What is the history of the Onager catapult?

Actually, we don't have a lot to go on. At the end of the 19th century, the nobleman and amateur historian Ralph Payne Gallwey wrote a book about the crossbow, and in it he de ( Full Answer )
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What is a Roman onager?

The onager was the largest siege engine in the Roman army. It was a one armed spring/torsion device nicknamed the "wild donkey" because of its powerful kick when fired. The o ( Full Answer )
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How large were the onagers used by the Roman soldiers?

We only have brief descriptions of the onager which do not provide data for its size. We only have estimates. There were no standard specifications for them and they varied in ( Full Answer )