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What other filter can you use for an onan 149-2629?

The closest fuel filter to the Onan p/n 149-2629 is one that is found on older Ford vehicles but it is NOT truly interchangeable as the "in" tube is 5/16" instead of 1/4" like ( Full Answer )
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Who was Onan?

A son of Judah, his second by the Canaanite daughter of Shua. (Ge 38:2-4; 1Ch 2:3) After Onan's childless older brother Er was put to death by Jehovah for wrongdoing, Onan was ( Full Answer )
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How to cross reference 122-0406 onan oil filter?

ONAN GENERATOR / LAWN MOWER OIL FILTERS 122-0645 & 122-0406 have the following cross referenced filters: Mobil M1-102 Fram PH3614 STP S3614 SILVER STREAK 83-283 . B ( Full Answer )
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Where to get Free onan generator manuals?

I would suggest that you contact the company at their website. Cummins is a good source for the newer units. Smokstak site has people with alot of the older manuals in PDF ( Full Answer )
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What is onan engine 423 timing specs?

What is the reported manufacturers weight of the ONAN 250 HD GEN SET electrical generator?
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Can an onan generator put out 240 volts?

Depends on how it was made at the factory. Some are 120 only some are 120/240. The model tag will have the voltage rating on it
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What is ONAN cooling?

onan means oil natural air natural which means the oil is natural possible thin vegi oil and the cooling is done by natural air passing
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What oil filter for onan marquis 5500 generator?

Another member has informed me of what oil to use (Mobil 1 10-40), the appropriate oil filter wrench (0420-0577) and the oil filter (Onan 122-0836, NAPA 7398, WIX 57398).
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Where can i find a Cross reference for onan oil filters?

I just took the onan number along with old filter for sight comparison and the NAPA guy got me a Napa Gold filter no. for my 6000w easily and twice as cheap !!!
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How do you increase onan generator engine speed?

Depends on the model of Onan. Some have an adjustment screw you turn in. Some adjust with a nut on a threaded shaft that pulls on a spring. Some have an electronic govern ( Full Answer )
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How do you disable the governor on a 16 hp onan?

First off, why do you want to do it? The governor serves two purposes, depending on the application. On generators it maintains the proper engine speed for the desired voltage ( Full Answer )
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Manufacturing date of onan gas generators?

The year is in the serial Number. Such as B84654773. B is the month= Feb. 84 is the year. Up until I think 1968 It was listed this way. 73B123456' A was 1940-1949 B was 1950- ( Full Answer )
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Onan VS kohler which engine is better?

Onan no longer makes engines. But with the older ones it is hard to say. Both had very good engines. Some better than others. I would say Kohler had the better single cylinder ( Full Answer )
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What is the Spark plug gap for onan generator?

Need the model. the folowinjg are 6.5NH models. these are most of the plugs onan uses. Different models can be different than these so call Cummins Northwest as they build the ( Full Answer )
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Need onan gen part?

In some countries the company is known as Onan. In other countries the same company is known as Cummins Onan. Please contact the local office of the company for further inform ( Full Answer )
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Why does your onan generator not auto start?

All depends on which one you have. But some of the new ones could be. Because of faulty control boards. Also depends on what condition your system is in.
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Where can you buy onan engine parts?

Depends on what you need. Common items such as oil,filters,spark plugs and others. You can buy at any good auto parts house. Sears also sells parts along with your Onan dealer ( Full Answer )
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How do you install onan generator in RV?

Get a installation manual from the generator OEM. You can get good advive from them. But this is the way I do it. 1 Double seal all seams and cracks in the box where the gense ( Full Answer )
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How do you test alternator of an onan generator?

Depends on what Onan you have. Most RV units don't have alternators like a car. They charge through the control system. Off of the main AC generator section.
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Dwelkl on a onan generator?

As for as I know Onan never published that information. If it is a non Onan engine. You will have to check with the engine manufacturer.
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In the Bible who was Onan the son of?

Onan was the second son of Judah in the Bible. It can be found in the book of Genesis Chapter 38. According to the Bible, he died a premature death by God's will. And it was b ( Full Answer )
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What sizes are Onan generators available in?

Onan diesel generator sets are available in sizes ranging from 10kW to 2.5 MW. Spark-ignited gas generators range from 5 to 150 kW in size. Lean-burn gas generators are availa ( Full Answer )
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Where does it talk about onan in the bible?

The story of Onan is found in the book of Genesis, chapter 25, verses 5-10. Onan's brother, Er (not a typo, his name is "Er") died before being able to impregnate his wife, Ta ( Full Answer )
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Where can one buy Onan Generator?

One can purchase an Onan Generator online from 'Electric Generators Direct'. Some models can also be purchased on Amazon and there are many listed on eBay both used and new.
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Where can I find parts for an onan engine?

One can find parts for an onan engine online. Some of the useful websites are Onan Parts, Discount Online Parts, Cummins Onan and Jacks Small Engines.
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What movie and television projects has Fuat Onan been in?

Fuat Onan has: Performed in "Uzlasma" in 1992. Performed in "Bana sans dile" in 2001. Performed in "Yeni hayat" in 2001. Played Mehmet in "Fikret bey" in 2007. Played Homeless ( Full Answer )
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Where did the name Onan come from?

Found in Genesis 38:9, Onan was the son of Judah who spilled hisseed on the ground rather than impregnate his deceased brother'swife.