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Where is the onboard computer on a ford windstar?

computr location it behind the inde cowling cover next to the gas pedal? I'm not sure, but i think the windstar (99) has two seprate computers, one is on the fire wall, an ( Full Answer )
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Where is the onboard computer on a 1991 Nissan Stanza?

Answer . Try looking under the front passenger seat. If not there most likely at the front of the console under the dash. These are the two most likely places in your car ( Full Answer )
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What onboard entertainment is there on the Airbus A330?

I've flown on Delta (Northwest) A330s which have AVOD (Audio Video on Demand). That is where the screen is in the seat in front of you, or in the armrest.
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Duty of 5th engineer in onboard ship?

answers to the Chief Engineer and is responsible for most of the engine room duties including supervising the people or the workers on the room.
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What is onboarding?

Many believe that onboarding is a substitute term for 'new hireinduction' but in actual fact onboarding starts from job offerthrough to releasing candidates on-the-job. It's m ( Full Answer )
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What is an onboard LAN?

An onboard LAN is a built-in ethernet adapter on mother board, if you have an onboard LAN, then, there is no need to install another ethernet card for your purpose.
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How do I know if I have an onboard LAN?

There are two ways; you can examine your computer - if there is an on board LAN, then there will probably be an RJ-45 connector on the back of the computer. An RJ-45 looks a l ( Full Answer )
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How can you disable your onboard video card?

Start menu>My Computer-right click then properties>Hardware>Device Manager. Then just click on the device you want to optimize ( In this case your video card) so click on it ( Full Answer )
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Does pixel shader come with Intel onboard?

Pixel shader technology is buit into the video card and its drivers. The phrase "intel onboard" only relates to the CPU, and as such tells us nothing about your systems' pixel ( Full Answer )
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What was onboard on the titanic?

Some famous passengers on Titanic include John Jacob Astor IV andhis wife Madeleine, the Duff-Gordons, Benjamin Guggenheim, andMargaret Brown.
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Who was onboard Apollo 11?

Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin Aldrin\n. \nNeil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin where the first moonwalkers.
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Who were the two captains onboard the titanic?

Haddock was Capt. for a week from March 25 th until April 2 nd , when Haddock leftSouthampton on Olympic. ThenEdward John Smith became captain.
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What food was onboard the first flet?

Well there was bananas, because the captain had a strange craving for them. They also had dried meat and fish. They mostly haf chicken broth and corn bread.
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How many pyrotechnic vdss are to be onboard boat?

This would depend greatly on the size of your vessel and where you are operating your vessel at. In the US you can often use the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR's) to find ou ( Full Answer )
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Where onboard a boat is the transom located?

the back of the boat, also known as the stern . It's the flat part at the back of the boat (the stern) where you would clamp an outboard motor.
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Cause of paint failure onboard ship?

Mariners are engaged in a constant battle against corrosion and often feel that they are on the losing side. The ocean is a relentless enemy and the salt-laden elements consta ( Full Answer )
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Who was a famous passenger onboard the titanic?

Some famous passengers on Titanic include John Jacob Astor IV andhis wife Madeleine, the Duff-Gordons, Benjamin Guggenheim, andMargaret Brown.
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Is onboard one word otr two?

On board is two words (so is under way). Let's get on board. Let's get under way.
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How do you clear your onboard computer?

Either with a scan tool or some you can simply unhook both battery cables for 5 mins. Or some you can pull the main fuse or PCM fuse.
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Why was mercury onboard the U-864?

The deadly mercury cargo was to be used in the development of weapons to bolster Japan's efforts against the Allies in the Pacific war. This, it was hoped, would divert attent ( Full Answer )
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Who is the first filipino seaferer's onboard in vessel?

Ancient Malays and ancient Filipino tribes are called the "Austronesians". Now, closely related and both were skilled seafarers. China, Indonesia and Taiwan, are two places of ( Full Answer )
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What are the duties and responsibilities of a wiper onboard ships?

The wiper is not a qualified member of the engine room in the true sense of the position. He is an all-around worker in the Engine Department of an oil-fired vessel. His is th ( Full Answer )
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Does this motherboard have onboard graphics?

No matter what motherboard you have, it does not have onboard graphics. Only certain processors have built-in graphics.
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What are some tips for successful employee onboarding?

Ever wonder how you can obtain successful employee on boarding? Successful employee on boarding can be obtained through numerous ways including but not limited to blended lear ( Full Answer )
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The term onboard is properly defined how?

The term called 'Onboard' can be properly defined in a large variety of different ways. These ways include, but are not limited to, somebody being on something ready to go, or ( Full Answer )
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Why was Ms Astor onboard the Titanic?

Madeleine Talmage Astor, along with John Jacob Astor IV were aboardTitanic because they wanted their unborn child to be born on USsoil. She and their son-to-be survived.
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Who onboard a British ship are known as Crushers?

A Crusher on a British ship is a nickname for an on-board policeofficer. They would assist the Master At Arms in enforcing Britishand Maritime law on board the ship.
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What did passengers do onboard the Titanic?

Titanic and her sister ship, Olympic, had amenities includedseveral restaurants and bars, two libraries, a gymnasium, a Turkishbath, a heated swimming pool (the first for any ( Full Answer )