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How oncogenes are produced form proto-oncogenes?

Proto-oncogenes are genes whose products promote cell growth and division. They do this by encoding transcription factors that stimulate the expression of other genes, signal ( Full Answer )
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How does a protooncogene converted into an oncogene?

A proto-oncogene is normally converted to an oncogene by mutation of the gene that encodes the proto-oncogene. Often, this leads to de-regulation of the proto-oncogenes acti ( Full Answer )
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How can a proto-oncogene be converted into an oncogene without a change or mutation in its coding sequence?

It could happen in three main manners:. 1) the formation of multiple copies of the gene (duplications) that increase the expression of the gene. 2) the mutation happens in t ( Full Answer )
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What are oncogenes?

Answer . An oncogene is a modified gene, or a set of nucleotides that codes for a protein and is believed to cause cancer.
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What are viral oncogenes?

The region of the viral genome (DNA in DNA tumor-viruses or RNA in RNA-tumor viruses) that can cause a tumor is called an oncogene. This foreign gene can be carried into a cel ( Full Answer )
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What is a proto Oncogene?

It is a normal gene with the ability to cause cancer within cells if mutated.
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Which alteration of oncogen Ras activity is most likely to contribute to the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells?

Ras is a GTPase that functions in many growth-factor signaling pathways. In its active form,with GTP bound, it transmits a downstream signal that leads to cell proliferation; ( Full Answer )
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What is oncogenic?

oncogenic is a causing or tending to cause the formation and development of tumors --causes cancer. :)
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What is pro- oncogene?

An oncogene is a gene, when mutated or expressed at high levels it helps turn a normal cell into a tumor cell. .
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What does Proto-oncogenes regulate?

Proto-Oncogenes have many functions in a cell but they often code for proteins that stimulate cell division, prevent cell differentiation or regulate programmed cell death (ap ( Full Answer )
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What are tumor suppressor and oncogenes genes?

Tumor suppressor and oncogenes are two very important types of genes, deeply involved in cancer. First a tumor suppressor gene, is a gene, that helps to prevent cancer, by cod ( Full Answer )
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What do Proto-oncogenes regulate?

Proto-oncogenes stop cells dividing too often. When a mutation occurs to proto-oncogenes this is when cancer can occur, as there is then no hay-flick limit (normally cells hav ( Full Answer )
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What effect does oncogenes have on cells?

Cells with an oncogene become over-stimulated to divide more often than normal. The chances of cancer developing are increased if a mutation to a tumor-suppressor gene also oc ( Full Answer )
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How does a proto-oncogene differ from an oncogene?

Compare with a virus: dormant to active, potential to kinetic, potent(ial) to actual. The proto-oncogene may become a cancer-causing oncogene only under very specific conditio ( Full Answer )
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What is oncogenic stress?

A class of traumatic stress disorders that is characterized by the significant dissociative states seen immediately after overwhelming trauma. By definition it cannot last lon ( Full Answer )
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Where can one learn more about oncogenes?

The best place that one can learn more about oncogenes is the American Cancer Society's official website. The site has a page dedicated to oncogenes and has a list of answers ( Full Answer )