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Why must the chromosome number be halved in sperm cells and secondary oocytes?

it is halved so that when the sperm joins with the egg (which is also halved) it will produce one cell with the regular amount of chromosomes, instead of twice as many as it s (MORE)
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Sperm and oocytes are?

Both are types of cells. The sperm cell carries the male's genetic contribution. The oocyte is the cell that carries the female's contribution. When the sperm cell meets the o (MORE)
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Is it possible Assume that a woman could be an on demand ovulator like a rabbit in which copulation stimulates the release of LH and an oocyte was ovulated and fertilized on day 26 of her 28 day cycle?

No, because the hormonal production of the ovary has ceased; the endometrium is beyond the receptive stage and is ready to slough off in menses (aka the menstrual cycle). This (MORE)
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Are secondary oocytes diploid cells?

secondary oocytes are haploid cells carrying 23 chromosomes. After fertilization by sperm a Zygote is formed with a diploid number 46.
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Do Oocytes only complete meiosis II if they are fertilized?

The answer is yes. Female infants are born with primary oocytes that are stalled in prophase I until puberty. At the onset of puberty, the ovaries begin oogenesis. During ooge (MORE)
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What kind of gametocype is 'oocyte'?

"Oo" is the prefix for "egg" and "cyte" is the suffix for "cell," so an "oocyte" is an egg cell. It is the fundamental female sex cell, complementary to the male sperm.