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What is an oocyte?

Answer . It is an early stage ovum or egg.
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How many chromosomes does the primary oocyte have?

92 In women, gametogenesis begins in fetal life, but is arrested in prophase of meiosis I for years until just before ovulation. This arrested oocyte is called the "primary (MORE)
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Where does fertilization of a oocyte usually occur?

Fertilization of an ovulated oocyte must occur within the 24 hour period after ovulation from the ovary by a sperm cell deposited via ejaculation from the male.. This occurs o (MORE)
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How does an oocyte enter the oviduct?

At ovulation, the egg is released into the abdominal cavity near the funnel-like opening of the oviduct. Cilia on the epithelial lining of the duct help collect the egg by dra (MORE)
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What is the difference between an oocyte and a follicle?

The egg (oocyte) develops within a follicle in the ovary. This follicle ( derived from the Latin word for nest) is a thin-walled structure containing fluid, with the egg attac (MORE)
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How does the oocyte enter the uterine tubes?

At the time of ovulation, the fimbriae increase their activity and create currents in the peritoneal fluid that help propel the oocyte into the Fallopian tube.
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When does an oocyte become a haploid cell?

When one of the daughters of the primary oocyte, aka one of the seconday oocytes goes through the second meiotic division. One of those daughter cells forms a haploid ootid th (MORE)
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How does the sperm penetrate the oocyte?

Sperm has enzymes that breakdown the outer coat of the oocyte. Ittakes many sperm with all their enzymes working together toaccomplish this.
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What kind of gametocype is 'oocyte'?

"Oo" is the prefix for "egg" and "cyte" is the suffix for "cell," so an "oocyte" is an egg cell. It is the fundamental female sex cell, complementary to the male sperm.
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Prenatal maturation of oocyte?

During the fetal period, each primary oocyte achieves a diameter of20 micrometers and is surrounded by a single, Spermatozoa Transportand Maturation.