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What are orcs?

Orcs are goblins. They are hideous, evil, cruel, stupid, bloodthirsty, and merciless. They are as tall as humans and they have their own language, orcish. Orcs were bred for w ( Full Answer )
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Are orcs different from goblins?

This may depend on what source you consult. Popularly, there is no difference; J.R.R. Tolkien, a student of popular and ancient mythology and writer of the"The Lord of the Rin ( Full Answer )
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How can you get full orc on oblivion?

just run around killing bandits and stuff like that. there's not many shops that sell orc stuff, but there are some. it's just about luck, really. i have everything except for ( Full Answer )
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How are orcs made?

Tolkien himself states that nobody knows how the orcs were made, but it was not by corrupting elves. That in itself strongly suggests that Melkor secretly sang them into exist ( Full Answer )
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How do orcs reproduce?

We can only assume that there are female orcs and that orcsreproduce sexually. The absence of female orcs in the books isprobably mostly because we never encounter orcs at hom ( Full Answer )
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Are orcs real?

No, orcs are not real. They are characters in a mythical trilogy called Lord of the Rings.
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Can you get a pet on sentence as a orc hunter?

All hunters of any race can obtain a pet at level 10. You'll receive a quest from your hunter trainer and after you complete the chain you receive the ability to tame beasts t ( Full Answer )
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Did orcs really exist?

No. They are a fictional race created by fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkien to serve as the Enemy's mass numbers of troops in The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion .
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In Lord of the Rings what is an orc?

An orc is a twisted form of elf. They form the bulk of Saurons army along with trolls and other things. . An Uruk'hai is a twisted stronger form of that, again mainly elf. ( Full Answer )
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What armor save do Warhammer Orcs get?

Answer . Orcs have light armour so they have a 5+ armour save. If they are equiped with sheilds they have 4+ armour save if they are being attacked from the front.
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How many orcs attacked Minas Tirith?

In the film there were around 200,000 - 600,000 orcs in the book there was no real figue but according to the characters in the book it was an army with a size beyond compreh ( Full Answer )
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How many airf orce ones are there?

there are two official jets, but the term also refers to any aircraft the president is onboard at the time.
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How do you get orc armor in oblivion?

As you level up you will find that rare armor starts to appear in the game on bandits and other humanoids The higher your level, the more you will start to find and the more i ( Full Answer )
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How does J.R.R Tolkien say orcs came to be?

The first orcs were elves, whom Morgoth, the first dark lord, captured, and by dark sorcery and torture, twisted them into the forms of Orcs. Ironic, is it not, that the Elves ( Full Answer )
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In The Hobbit who is the orc chief?

It is actually a goblin chief, and he is just that. The chief of the goblins. You never learn his name.
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Who do orcs work for?

Orcs work for Saruman but orginially work for Sauron.. when Saruman decides to join with Sauron he conjures lots of orcs from Mordor to help him create an army of the Uruk-Hai ( Full Answer )
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How do you defeat Orcs in Warcraft III?

Don't use melee attackers because of the spike upgrade us ranged forces to avoid them. Destroy their altar quickly to stop stop hero production. Sneak attack from the sky
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Are orcs just from The Lord of the Rings?

J.R.R. Tolkien was the one who originally created orcs, yes. Although they also appeared in some of his other Middle Earth-related books, mainly The Hobbit , which is the pre ( Full Answer )
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How do you find orcs in metin 2?

You will need to "TELEPORTER" or "OLD MAN" .... Then go to Seungreong Valley ... Then press M and go to the middle island. Keep in mind that to go to the teleporter you will n ( Full Answer )
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Can tau allie with orcs?

Not unless the Tau army is all Kroot. As far as I know Tau are considered one of the order races, and therefore really wouldn't work with orks. However, if you wanted to just ( Full Answer )
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How do you find the orcs in Oblivion?

There are no living orcs in Oblivion in The Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion. However, there are many orcs throughout Cyrodil that youcan find while not within one of the Oblivion ga ( Full Answer )
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How do you make an orc?

The first orcs were made by the first dark lord Morgoth, when he kidnapped elves and tortured and mutilated them, and turned them to evil purposes.
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How do you get full orc armor on oblivion?

well for me i get it all the time cause im level 30 so you need to be 16 to 24 the most likely place to find orc armour is on orc marauders or you could find it on some merc ( Full Answer )
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How do you beat tyrants in RE ORC?

T-103 or Mr. X you just keep shooting him in the head until he dies, the super-tyrant just shoot its heart until it falls of the elevator. It should be easy since you can repl ( Full Answer )
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Are orcs ogres?

For World of Warcraft: No, Orcs are not related to Ogres.They are two entirely separate races. In The Lord of the Rings orcs are related to goblins. Ogresdo not appear in ( Full Answer )
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How were the Orcs created?

Orcs were Morgoths experiments on captured elves they are described as mockeries of this noble race. Morgoth also created trolls Trolls are mockeries of Ents
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What does Orc Inernational do?

ORC International is a company which excels at improving the relationship between the the employer and the employee. It is one of the leading companies in the industry.
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Is ORC a safe investment?

I would say that although the arrangement is slightly dissatisfying, ORC will definitely put somewhere down the right end.
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What are the release dates for Orcs - 2011?

Orcs - 2011 was released on: UK: 6 June 2011 (DVD premiere) Germany: 29 July 2011 (DVD premiere) USA: 31 July 2011 Netherlands: 4 October 2011 (DVD premiere) Austra ( Full Answer )