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What does gráim thú ort mean?

A better way to state it is "Tá grá agam duit". It's in Irish, "I love you".
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What is ta pus ort aris in Gaelic?

"You have a pus on you again". Pus is an Irish term that means you have a scowl or a frown on your face.
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How does one pronounce graim thu ort?

grawm (gráim) who (thú) urch (ort) (The phrase "gráim thú ort" doesnt make any sense)
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A bhean a tighe caid at ort?

"A bhean a' tighe, caidé atá ort?" means "Woman of the house, whats the matter with you?" (A bhean a' tighe is a way of addressing the woman of the house)
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Cad e an t-ainm ata ort-english meaning?

"Cad é an t-ainm atá ort?" is Irish Gaelic for "What is your name?". . Literally, "What is it, the name that is on you?" Cad = what é = (is) it an = the ai ( Full Answer )
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Is Los Angeles ort technical institute accreditat?

Yes, it is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, which is lucky for you, as that mess of a question is beyond repair. I hope you are good ( Full Answer )
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Is a crumb larger than an ort?

The answer is NO a crumb is not larger than a ort. Since an ort is the uneaten scraps of a meal. I believe that they would be larger than a crumb.
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Tha graDh agam ort you mo chroí go deo máthair?

That's a mix of two 2 different languages. "Tha gràdh agam ort" is Scottish Gaelic, it means "I love you" The rest is Irish. "mo chroí go deo" means "my heart ( Full Answer )
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What does this mean in English Ta tu go h-alainn cronaim thu go mbiodh biseach ort gan mhoill?

"h-alainn" should be "hálainn" "Tá tú go hálainn" means "You're beautiful" "cronaím thú" should be "cronaím uain thú" "cronaím uaim thú ( Full Answer )
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Is barry ort married?

Barry Ort was married to a man named David. Barry Ort is no longerliving; he died in the year of 2013.
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What is silver orte?

Try 'silver orfe': a magnifying glass shows the correct letter in Lovatt's 'Baffler'. The search engine then gives the options 'silver' or 'golden orfe', that is an 'ide' or k ( Full Answer )
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What does ORT stand for?

"On-you" as in "An bhfuil ocras ort?" means "Are you hungry?", literally "Is there hunger on-you?"
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How many objects in the Ort cloud?

No one knows. The Oort Cloud is still hypothetical and has not been directly observed. Estimates places the number, at over several trillion objects greater than 1km in diamet ( Full Answer )
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What are Orts jars?

i think its like a jar that you put scraps or remains of a meal into.
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What is a anagogic ort in runescape?

It is a new item, introduced in August 2012. You can get up to 200 a day, and you need 300 to summon a Clan Avatar, which gives you certain benefits.
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What is the definition of the word ort?

The word ort is a noun. The definition of ort is a small scrap or leaving of food after a meal is complete or leftovers. Ort is often used in the plural form.
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How did Barry Ort die?

Barry Ort was a QVC vendor who passed away on December 24, 2013. Itis not known how he died, but his obituary says he passed awaysuddenly.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Kein Ort - 2008?

The cast of Kein Ort - 2008 includes: Tamara Disaev as herself Abu Disaev as himself Fatima Ruslan as herself Ali Ruslan as himself Ines Scholz as herself
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What has the author Paula Mues Orts written?

Paula Mues Orts has written: 'La libertad del pincel' -- subject(s): Public opinion, Painters, Colonial Painting, Attitudes, Mexican Painting, Painting
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What has the author Adela Cortina Orts written?

Adela Cortina Orts has written: 'Etica' -- subject(s): Ethics 'Razon Comunicativa Y Responsabilidad Solidaria' 'Adela Cortina en Humanidades' -- subject(s): Globalizatio ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Alexandr Ort written?

Alexandr Ort has written: 'Jak se dostat k moci' -- subject(s): Biography, Politics and government, Presidents