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What are the warning signs of appendisiti ous?

Answer . The signs usually include abdominal pain, but it can be almost any kind of pain or symptom. The pain can be all over your abdomin or it can be localized in one are (MORE)
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Words that end with ous?

generous, conspicuous, suspicious, nutritious, delicious, religious, that's all that comes to mind. Umm.. There are like A LOT more words, such as: malicious, venomous, poi (MORE)
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What is righte ous?

A person who believes that they are accepted by God the Father by believing that His Son Jesus Christ died for their sins. A righteous person must be kind - Wisdom of Solomon
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What words have ous in them?

mouse, luminous, poisonous, fafulous, ridiculous, pompous, rouse, pousette, superstitious, frivolous, douse Here are some: . Fabulous . Famous . Infamous . Ambitious . (MORE)
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Suffixes with -ous at the end?

4-letter words nous, sous 5-letter words meous, pious, thous 6-letter words aurous, awmous, bayous, bijous, cerous, comous, cymous, famous, fucous, iodous, joyo (MORE)
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What are the longest words ending in ous?

I'm not 100% shur if these are the longest words ending in ous,but there pretty long. adenocarcinomatous basidiomycetous contemporaneous
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What is the meaning of the suffix able and ous?

The suffix - able and its variant - ible means "able, quality of, tendency to". A way to remember this suffix meaning is "Abel (- able ) from the Bible (- ible ) is QuiTe (q (MORE)
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Is thyroid contagi ous?

The thyroid is a gland. A part of everyone's body. It is not contagious.