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What is a NIC driver?

It is the Application that the computer uses to properly communicate with the NIC (Network Interface Card)
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Who is Nic Sheff?

Nic Sheff is the author of the bestselling books Tweak and We All Fall Down , books that detail his addiction to crystalmeth and heroin and his subsequent relapses.
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What is an NIC card?

A network interface Card The nic card as it is commonly known as makes browsing the internet at cable or dsl speeds possible and Accessing networks outside yours The NIC (MORE)
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What is an NIC?

a Network Interface Card
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What is fddi nic?

Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) NICs are commonly used to connect host systems or file servers to FDDI network equipment using one connectin (single attachment) and to (MORE)
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Who was Nic Diederichs?

Nicolaas Diederichs (1903-1978) served as the third State President of South Africa from 1975 to 1978.. An economist, Diederichs obtained a doctorate from the University (MORE)
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Meaning of nic?

Network Interface Card Its a card that you attach to your computer to interface( or access) network resources and the internet
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What is NIC identifier?

It is the 12 hexadecimal digit combination identifying the manufacturer and id of your NIC the first 6 digits is the OUI(Organizationally unique Identifier), this identifie (MORE)
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What is a NIC and what is it used for?

NIC stands for Network Interface Card. It is connected to the motherboard of the computer. It provides the device with a MAC address and allows a device to access a computer n (MORE)
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Who is nic on degrassi?

Devon Bostick ... Nic (3 episodes, 2006-2007). Nic was a minor Charactar.I dont Remember Him.
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Is Pakistan an NIC?

All Pakistanis do have a National Identity Card (NIC) and they are required to carry it around whenever they travel.
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Why is Brazil a NIC?

Brazil is a newly industrialised country because it is still a developing country and it was recently an LEDC
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Can you connect a NIC to a NIC?

Type your answer here... yes, we can connect a nic to a nic. A nic is a Network Interface Card which has a unique MAC. When we connect two devices(say laptops) usi (MORE)
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What is NIC delay?

there is the time it takes the source NIC to place voltage pulses on the wire and the time it takes the receiving NIC to interpret these pulses. This is sometimes called NIC (MORE)
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Why is Vietnam a NIC?

Vietnam is classified as the NIC because the Americans and the Australians helped them Industrialise by giving them money.
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What NIC stand for?

NIC stands for Network Interface Card.
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What NIC do in network?

it connects all the workstations to a central hub :)
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What is the function of NIC?

The network interface controller (network adapter) is the device that allows your computer to connect to the internet. It allows communication between devices using internet p (MORE)
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NIC for a computer?

N.I.C Here stands for Network Interface controller . Which is basically you LAN card or the place where you plug in your internet cable for the non tech savy crowd . Each comp (MORE)
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What is stand for NIC?

NICs stands for network interface controller. In computer networking, a NIC provides the hardware interface between a computer and a network. A NIC technically is network adap (MORE)
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Who is nic the weasel?

Nic The Weasel is a character from the Sonic Archie Comics. she issimilar to Violet Beauregarde.