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What is ozone?

Ozone is a form of the oxygen we breathe and need to stay alive. The oxygen we breathe is found throughout the atmosphere and contains two oxygen atoms (O 2 ) but ozone (an (MORE)
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What is ozoning?

See "What is Ozonization?" in the "Related questions" section below.
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What is ozonation?

Answer . Ozonation is a process for infusing water with ozone, This is commonly done to kill bacteria and other organisms, but also for color, taste and odor control.
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What is ozone and what does it do?

Ozone (O 3 ) is formed when oxygen gas is exposed to ultraviolet radiation in the upper regions of the stratosphere. The energy of the radiation breaks the gas particles into (MORE)
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How do you make ozone and how much ozone do you get out of it?

Ozone can be made as the result of a chemical reaction (some phosphorous reactions; interaction between NOx, VOC and purple-to-long-wave-UV), or recombination of an oxygen ato (MORE)
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How is ozone measured?

Ozone is measured as being present in air, and as being dissolved in water.. In air, each molecular bond responds to a wavelength of light. The type and number of atoms on ea (MORE)
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What is Ozonization?

Ozonization: to treat, impregnate, or combine with the gas ozone.
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Can ozone be replenished as an ozone shield?

We can stop adding compounds to the air that deplete ozone. The Sun will take care of the rest. Nothing else we try will do more than damage the ozone layer further. See the (MORE)
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What is the origon of the ozone?

The part of the stratosphere at a height of c.22 km/14 mi where most of the gas ozone (O 3 ) is most concentrated. ozone is made by the action of ultraviolet light from the Su (MORE)
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What sphere is the ozone in?

The ozone being a gas is put in the atmosphere. Moreover the ozone layer too lies in the stratosphere which itself is there in the atmosphere so there are no questions of the (MORE)
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What is Ozone irritation?

ozone iratation is from your computer :) hope it helps extra facts Health experts have suggested that ozone emitted from laser printers can lead to breathing problems
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How does ozone destroy ozone molecules?

The ozone doesn't quite destroy its own molecules. Ultra-violet rays from the sun, that penetrate through the ozone break it's molecules apart. One molecule of ozone contain (MORE)
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Does ozone cause ozone depletion?

No. Less ozone would cause less depletion, if that were the case. We have less ozone each year, and the rate of depletion does not correlate with the amount we have. See th (MORE)
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Where is the ozone decreasing in the ozone layer?

Mostly over Antarctica, and to a lesser extent over the North Pole. Thanks to worldwide agreement and compliance with the 1987 UNMontreal Protocol (which agreed to phase out (MORE)
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What does ozone do?

It resonates between two forms. O-O=O and O=O-O It absorbs UV-B and more energetic, some blue, far infrared, and some microwaves. It oxidizes lots of things. It spont (MORE)
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Is the ozone layer all ozone?

No. It is mostly nitrogen (~78%) and oxygen (~21%) with the usual trace gases. The ozone level is about 9 ppm in the ozone layer, at its peak value.
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What is ozone and ozone destruction?

What is Ozone: Ozone is a molecule having three atoms of oxygen. This compound is very rarely found at the surface of earth. It is because the formation of ozone generally t (MORE)
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What does ozone have?

Ozone is a trioxygen molecule. It is formed by the action of UVlight on oxygen.
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What is the function of ozone in the ozone layer?

The ozone layer protects the Earth from ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, which are harmful to us. Without the ozone layer, the effects of global warming would happen at a m (MORE)
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Who is an ozone?

ozone isn't a who, it's a what. ozone is a colorless and highly radioactive gas; a major component of photochemical smog and also found in the stratosphere where it protects l (MORE)
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What do ozone do?

Actually ozone layer is located 15km above the earth it absorbs 99%of sun rise and makes the climate mild. It has many gases which can guard the earth from many harmful gases. (MORE)
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Where is an ozone?

Ozone is present in the stratosphere of the earth's atmosphere. Itis also present in the troposphere.