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Does Emma Watson have her p's of a car?

what the hell is a p's car but Emma Watson drive a 1967 firebird and if u want two see it go 2 England
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Where did mind your P's and Q's come from?

3 Answers: (the second sounds best to me - but the real one is the third answer!) The actual answer that I have always been taught is the first one. I have never heard of th ( Full Answer )
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What are the 4 p's of financing?

The 4 p's or the marketing mix, are the variables that can becontrolled in the marketing of a good or service. These areproduct, price, place and promotion.
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What does mind you p's and t's mean?

Actually, it's mind your PS and qs. It means, be careful and meticulous in what you say and how you behave. When I was young, I did a little typesetting. Moveable type is love ( Full Answer )
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Why are the four P's insufficient?

The four P's are insufficient hinder the new types of businessestoday. More specifically, they focus too much on the products'quality and specs, they inhibit a business's prob ( Full Answer )
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What are the 10-P's of services marketing?

10 P's of services marketing:. Product. Price. Place. Promotion. Public Relations. Political Power. People. Process &. Packaging
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9 p's of marketing?

To solve Marketingproblems use the 9P's of Marketing. The Nine P's of Marketing havemany parts or components. They are: 1. Marketing Planning 2. People 3. Product 4. Place ( Full Answer )
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Who is pleasure P's girlfriend?

he got back with miah gamati. he da reason she getting a divorce from her husband SRY FOR ALL DA ONES WHO THINK DAT!!!!!! HE ISNT NO LONGER NOR WILL HE EVA BE WITH HER BEC ( Full Answer )
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How do you explain what the 7 P's of marketing are?

Marketing professionals and specialist use many tactics to attract and retain their customers. These activities comprise of different concepts, the most important one being th ( Full Answer )
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What does 'Mind your p's and q's' mean?

"Mind your P's and Q's" means "mind your behavior" - "be on your best behavior" - "mind your manners" in modern parlance. The Origin of P and Q: ------------------------- ( Full Answer )
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What are the three p's of diabetes?

The three P's of Diabetes are: Polyuria, Polydipsia, andPolyphagia. Polyuria is excessive urination, Polydipsia isexcessive drinking of water, and Polyphagia is unexplained we ( Full Answer )
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Nine P's of marketing?

The Four P's are not the Nine P's of Marketing. Here's the right answer: . The Four P's of the Marketing Mix are: Product, Price,Promotion and Place. The Marketing Mix is b ( Full Answer )
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What is the 7 p's of marketing mix?

It's actually the 4 P's of Marketing: Product Place Price Promotion The additional 3 P's are for service Marketing: People Process Physical Evidence
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6 p's of marketing mix?

People. Process. 7th : Physical Envidence: The physical environment where is product or service is delivered
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What does stay on your p's and q's mean?

Mind your own buissness. Stay good. Keep it simple. Stay on your best behavior. All those could work I would think...
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What is the importance of the 4 P's when marketing?

The four Ps aren't everything, but they are a guideline to planning what's needed for your marketing. If you're stuck for what to do, they are a good first point of call.
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What are the five P's?

The five P's are....... Passion- your profession or what your doing to get to that profession(classes, school, etc.) Pastime- what you do to relax and have fun/hobbie(spor ( Full Answer )
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What are the 4 P's of Coca-cola?

1. Product: Coca-Cola. 2. Price: A two liter bottle of coke cost $2.00 but you can get it on sale for about $.99. 3. Place: Any store or gas stations ect vending machine ( Full Answer )
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What are the 6 p's of the marketing mix?

The six Ps of the marketing mix are as follows:. Product Price Place Promotion People Performance
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Is Cymphonique master p's daughter?

Yes. Disney N. B. T. (next big thing) videos.people could not believe it but she is.
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What is P's in management?

There are no "P's" in Management. You are thinking of the 4 P's of MARKETING . This is also known as the "Marketing Mix". . Product . Price . Place . Promotion ( Full Answer )
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What are the 7 p's of Pizza Hut?

The 7P's program: Pizza Hut works on 7P's · Product · Promotion · Price · Place · Physical Evidence · Process
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What are the relationship between 4 P's?

4 P's of Marketing , is the combination of product, price, place (distribution), and promotion. The product should be usefu,price be competitive,and a good prmotion .only when ( Full Answer )
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What are the three p's of first aid?

The three Ps of first aid are known as the purpose of doing first aid. They are: To preserve life by applying lifesaving medical intervention. To prevent the condition ( Full Answer )
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What are the 5 p's of prayer?

1. Praise "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name." 2. Priorities "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven" 3. Provision "Give us this d ( Full Answer )
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What are the 3 p's for a warm up?

the three strutures for a warm up are : prepare physically , prepare mentally and prevent injury
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Who is the father of 7 p's of marketing?

Philip Kotler. 4 + 3. 4 P: Product, Place, Price, Promotion 3 P: People, Process, Physical Evidence (As service is not tangible)
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What are the 5 P's of managers?

The 5Ps of Managers/Management are: . Product . Price . Place (distribution) . Promotion . People
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Why does hopping have two p's in it?

It has 2 p's because if it didn't, it would be pronounced like hoping. Adding the extra p is to show that it is pronounced differently to hoping. It is part of how the Engli ( Full Answer )
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What are the 8 p's of Social Marketing?

Marketing for your nonprofit is not just about raising funds. The larger goal of marketing is to create a sound image for your nonprofit, deliver the right message about the c ( Full Answer )
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What will be the 7 P's of newspaper?

Product & Physical Evidence, Pricing, Place and Process,Promotion and People these can be 5 P's for Newspaper Industry