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What is a PA?

a PA is a Physicians Assistant . They work under the license of an physician and/or surgeon, who may hold an M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) or D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (MORE)

What does a PA do?

a pa is a phyisician assistant and is under the supervision of a doctor. a pa can give out medication, cures, and prescriptions but only under a doctors approval. :]

What does the PA stand for in DDS PA?

The PA stands for Professional Association. Think of the person as a business at this point. If something happens, you can sue the business, but not technically the person. D (MORE)

What is the salary of a PA in PA?

Physician's Assistant's earn lucrative salaries dependent on practical experienece, but previous work as a CNA, LPN or RN will enhance their value to the Attending Physician. (MORE)

Is the University of PA located in PA?

Yes, of course. Are you that stupid? just kidding, but Yes it is in PA! I go there FYI: Just don't get University of Pennsylvania confused with Pennsylvania State Univers (MORE)

How do you get from Pottsville PA to Pittsburgh PA?

Take PA-61 NORTH on Skyline Dr to I-81 SOUTH towards HARRISBURG. . Take I-81 SOUTH to U.S. 11 SOUTH TO I-76 PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE (toll) to NEW KINGSTOWN and MIDDLESEX. . Ta (MORE)

Conshohoken pa to york pa?

Take I-76 WEST to I-83 to HARRISBURG and YORK-BALTIMORE and HARRISBURG at EXIT 242 off I-76 Pennsylvania Turnpike (toll road). This is the WEST HARRISBURG INTERCHANGE. . Take (MORE)