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Is paddy a leprechaun?

yes because there are such thing as leprechauns. And I'm from Ireland, that's saying something. LEPPYS ARE REAL AND PADDY IS A LEPPY YAY!!!
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What are paddy rollers?

Paddy-rollers was a group of people. These were people who chased and rounded up escaped slaves and took them back to their owners.
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Who is Paddy Driscoll?

John Leo 'Paddy' Driscoll was a professional quarterback who wasborn on January 11, 1895. He finished his playing career with theChicago Bears in 1929. He also played in 13 Ma ( Full Answer )
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Who is paddy dewan?

Paddy Dewan is a well known and recognized Melbourne surgeon. He isbest known for his traveling's to South Africa to help childrenwith serious illnesses and diseases.
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What is a paddy field?

A paddy field is a flooded parcel of arable land used for growing rice and other semiaquatic crops. Rice can also be grown in dry-fields, but from the twentieth century padd ( Full Answer )
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What does 'paddy whack' mean?

Simple meaning, "to get hit or take a blow". Archaic and even racist term, referring to drunken irish, and the unfortunate practice by police in the past to use force more so ( Full Answer )
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What is paddy in rice mill?

paddy is the raw rice that includes shell; harvested from farm andsent to Rice mill.
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What rhymes with paddy?

I would rhyme: . batty . caddy . catty . chatty . daddy . fatty . laddie . patty . ratty . tatty
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How is paddy harvested?

Harvesting a rice paddy is a process of cutting the stalks,stacking, handling and threshing the stalks, then cleaning andhauling. These operations can be done either manually ( Full Answer )
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Where is paddy grown?

Actually paddy is a monsoon crop, so it is mostly cultivated in monsoon regions of China, India and Bangladesh.
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Who is paddy the wanderer?

paddy is a airdale terrier who is famous and now dead and lived in wellington.
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What are paddy fields?

Rice fields, here in Asia we sometimes use Paddy instead of rice when talking about growing the crop
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Who is paddy mcguiness girlfriend?

Her name is Christine, she is 22 and A model from Liverpool butlives with Paddy in Bolton. I saw her on 'all star family fortunes'she is a stunner. Our Patrick has done really ( Full Answer )
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Where did the word paddy wagon come from?

Good question- but people disagree over the answer. The term is used as the name of a vehicle (originally a horse drawn wagon) used to transport prisoners of the police. "Padd ( Full Answer )
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Why does paddy die in the blue lagoon?

Because he was drunk while he was swimming and drowned and got washed up in the beach with a crab in his mouth. Poor paddy
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How is soil prepared for growing the paddy?

paddy is sown in June to September (rainy season). soil is prepared using plough and rake. also, an elaborate system of pipelines and channels has to be devised to carry water ( Full Answer )
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What country first produed paddy?

Archaeologists generally accept that wet-field cultivation originated in China. At Caoxieshan, a site of the Neolithic Majiabang culture, archaeologists excavated paddy fields ( Full Answer )
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Is paddy considine in this is England 86?

No, He's certainly not. The common mistake seems to be that people assume that the bearded character Mick (Lol's Dad) is Paddy. It is infact the actor Johnny Harris whose othe ( Full Answer )
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Is paddy consindine in this is England 86?

No, He's certainly not. The common mistake seems to be that people assume that the bearded character Mick (Lol's Dad) is Paddy. It is in fact the actor Johnny Harris whose oth ( Full Answer )
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What is a paddy Clair?

A Paddy Clair is a sexy beast who all women are attracted to! He has great features and loves the outdoors. He is very athletic and HOT!!! He also loves to play marbles with C ( Full Answer )
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Is paddy a cover crop?

Where paddy (rice) is grown, it is unlikely that it would be used as a cover crop due to the expense of production. A cover crop is a type of plant grown to suppress weeds, he ( Full Answer )
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How is paddy used?

The word paddy is generally used for rice or unmilled rice. In this case the answer is a bit lame: paddy is used as a food crop. Paddy could also refer to paddy fields; floo ( Full Answer )
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What kind of business is Paddy Power?

Paddy Power is an Ireland-based company that deals with legalized gambling. Paddy Power takes bets of sports and other events through a chain of locations as well as online f ( Full Answer )
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What are Max and Paddy well known for?

Max and Paddy are well known for the TV-series "Max & Paddy's Road to Nowhere." You can learn more about this TV-series online at the Internet Movie Database.
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Who is Paddy McCarthy?

Paddy McCarthy (born May 31, 1983 in Dublin) is an Irish footballer who, as of March 2014, plays for Crystal Palace. McCarthy started his career for Manchester City, though ( Full Answer )
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When was Paddy Boom born?

Paddy Boom was born on September 6, 1968, in New York City, New York, USA.
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When did John Paddy Carstairs die?

John Paddy Carstairs died on December 12, 1970, in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, England, UK of heart attack.
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When was Paddy DeMarco born?

Paddy DeMarco was born on February 10, 1928, in Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA.
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What has the author Paddy Blackman written?

Paddy Blackman has written: 'Running home' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Diaries, Runners (Sports), Running, Walking
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What has the author Paddy Chayefsky written?

Paddy Chayefsky has written: 'The collectedworks of Paddy Chayefsky' -- subject(s): Motion picture plays 'Marty' 'The tenth man' 'The latent heterosexual' 'The godde ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Paddy Ryan written?

Paddy Ryan has written: 'Fiji's natural heritage' -- subject(s): Natural history 'The snorkeller's guide to the coral reef' -- subject(s): Coral reefs and islands, Marine ( Full Answer )
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What are the sources of arsenic into paddy field?

Arsenic is found in pesticides and fertilizers. In rice, it isabsorbed through the water that fills the fields. Some rices, suchas basmati and white rice have less. Rinsing an ( Full Answer )