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What is a par in golf?

no sweat par is the score or number of strokes it should take the average player to complete each hole. for ex. if a hole is par 3 and you take 3 shots to get it in the hole ( Full Answer )
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What is Par Rate?

A par rate is an observable rate on a financial instrument traded in the marketplace and is typically for a bond or a swap that pays periodic fixed coupons - examples would be ( Full Answer )
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What is funding at par?

Answer . means the federal government would pay off its debt at face value, plus accumulated interest.
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What is par excellence?

Par excellence is an idiomatic expression used to describe that someone or something has a value of being an example of excellence: Chris is co-worker par excellence (under ( Full Answer )
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What does PAR mean?

Par is the average. Used very often about golf strokes taken for a certain hole. A par 3 hole is a hole where the average number of strokes to complete is 3.
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What distance is a par?

Answer . Par is not a distance, it is a specified number of strokes to complete a hole. It ranges, depending on the length of the hole, from 3 to 5. 3 for shorter holes, 5 ( Full Answer )
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What are par levels?

Par levels are boundary markers in inventory levels that signal replenishment is necessary. For example: A pet store sells 2 bags of dog food a day with a variance of 10 ( Full Answer )
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What must you do to shoot par?

Not that I would know, but I've heard that shooting par requires - Hitting a lot of fairways from the tee, with good distance - Hitting accurate irons to the green, stayin ( Full Answer )
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How does the halogen par lamp work?

A halogen lamp a uses a tungsten filament, but it is encased inside a much smaller quartz envelope . Because the envelope is so close to the filament, it would melt if it w ( Full Answer )
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Is there fairway on a par 3 at golf?

Usually, although for a Par 3 hole, it may be quite short as the idea is to get "on" in one and two putt.

Words with PAR?

There are countless words with PAR. To name a few, there are party,department, compare, partake, jeopardy, laparoscopy, and parent.
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What is par broil?

Parboiling (or leaching) is the partial boiling of food as the first step in the cooking process.
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Is under par better than over par?

Yes it is. Par means average. When playing golf you try to sink the ball in the least amount of shots. The less you get under par (average) the better.
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What is the meaning of PAR?

Par means an equality in standing. It is also defined as the levelof equality in value of any material.
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What is a par trout?

A parr, when talking about trout or salmon refers to a fingerling size fish in the first years of its life. A salmon parr is a salmon in its first two years of life.
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What is a par 4?

A hole usually of 250 yards plus, where you have 2 shots (in regulation) and 2 putts.
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What is par in golfing?

When golfing, each hole has a par, and every course (18 holes) has a par. Par is the average number of strokes that a person should be able to take while completing a round of ( Full Answer )
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What is under par?

1 shot is hole in one. 1 shot under par is birdie. 2 shots under par is eagle. 3 shots under par is albatross. Over par is boogie.
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Golf what distance does a par 3 become a par 4 and then a par 5?

A typical length for a par-three hole ranges between 91-224 meters/100-250 yards; for a par-four hole, between 225-434 meters/251-475 yards; and for a par-five hole, between 4 ( Full Answer )
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What is a three under par in a par 5?

double eagle, that's correct for the USA but here in the UK 3 under is classed as an Albatross Scoring terms summarised +1 = Bogey (then this goes up - ie. double bogey, ( Full Answer )
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What is maximum par?

The normal par for a golf club is around 69-73 but if you had all par 5's you could have a par of 90.
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What is the definition of PAR in a PAR 20 or PAR 50 light bulb?

'PAR' in PAR 20 or PAR 50 is an acronym standing for "Parabolic Aluminized Reflector". This name refers to the construction of the PAR bulb. The bulb traditionally features a ( Full Answer )
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How is a par determined?

Par is determined by the course manager/ designer. A hole has it's par determined by how many shots it takes to get to the green, plus regulation 2 putts. There are some holes ( Full Answer )
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What is a par 3?

A "Par 3" is a short hole. It is anicipated that it will take 3 strokes from the tee to the cup.
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What is Par loan?

I am working in one of the MNC where I am recently transfer to Bank Loan department (Syndicate loan )so I want to Know about below loans. 1) Par Loan. 2) Distressed Loan. 3 ( Full Answer )
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How do you calculate par?

First of all I am guessing that you mean pie, to calculate pie you must times the number by 3.14 although most scientific calculators have this pie button on them already.
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How many strokes are in par 3?

Par for the hole is three strokes. In regulation, that is one tee shot, and two putts.
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What does not par mean?

Par is the regulation score for a hole in golf. A player would find the green in regulation, and have two putts, well that is the idea.
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How do you beat red remover on par?

You have to click the red ones (or blue ones) a certain number of times and when it says success, the level block will turn yellow. But if it's green it means you did not clic ( Full Answer )
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How do you calculate par levels for housekeeping?

Housekeeping should maintain a 3 turn inventory. One on the bed, one in the wash and one on the shelf. Items will need to be checked for service quarterly. A good rule is to r ( Full Answer )
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What are the pars of the shoes?

You just wrote this question so that you could get more points, what a shame.
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What is par core?

it is the competition on how many pies you can eat in a day. i think that i have it right.
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What is par in golf?

A par in golf is the number of shots it should take to make it in agiven hole.