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What is a three part theme and what are its parts?

A three part theme is another term for an essay. It is called a three part theme because of its three parts: 1. The intro 2. the Body and 3. the Conclusion.
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The parts and functions of the parts of a microscope?

Arm = supports top part of microscope. Base = the part the microscope stands on. Lens turret= a rotating support for the objective lenses. objective lens or lenses are thos ( Full Answer )
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What are the parts of the microscope mechanical parts?

The Mechanical Parts are: . The base - the bottom portion of the microscope that supports the microscope. . Pillar - the part above the base that supports other parts . I ( Full Answer )
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Which parts of a violin are the main parts?

Theres a small wooden sound post inside which needs specialist repair if it becomes dislodged but the strings, wooden bridge and tailpiece at the bottom can normallly be repla ( Full Answer )
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Which part of the constitution has seven parts?

The Articles have seven parts in the Constitution. the articles has 7 parts not the bill of rights, amendments, or the preamble. if you are doing the abeka school books ( Full Answer )
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Part man part horse?

Senate its in Greek myths I'm 9 years old and i know that no averse but are you know not as smart as much sorry if i heart you
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What body part has four parts?

It's the heart it has four chambers! The lower left, the higher left, the lower right and the higher right chamber!!
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What part of the flower is the female part?

Although in some types of flower it can have a protruding and phallic appearance, the female part is always in the center. It is called the pistil.. the male part is the stam ( Full Answer )
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What part of the eye is the white part?

The white part of the eye is the sclera, the colored part is the Iris, and the 'black dot' (which is actually just a hole reaching the back of the eye) is the pupil
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What are the parts of the amoeba and what does each of the parts do?

They have Cell membranes, contractile vacuoles, cytoplasm, nucleus, Food vacuoles, and pseudopods. They also have ribosomes, mitochondria, vesicles, endoplasmic reticulum, ( Full Answer )
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Does lung inflate part by part?

The lungs inflate part by part. The lungs inflate when thediaphragm is pulled down. The intercostal muscles push out, whichcauses the chest and lungs to expand and to create a ( Full Answer )
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Parts of the microscope and meaning of these parts?

BASE-a horseshoe or V-shaped structure which supports the entire microscope PILLAR-vertical post extending from the base to the arm ARM- curved frame where the base,body,and ( Full Answer )
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Which part of part of speech is Appealing?

a present particple which is used as an adjective: An appealing name a gerund which is a type of verbal: Appealing to her judgment will only complicate matters.
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What part of the body has 8 parts?

I think its the heart, left and right ventricles, right atrium, aorta, left pulmonary artery right pulmonary artery, left pulmonary vein and right pulmonary vein. These are ei ( Full Answer )
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Which part or parts did Shakespeare play?

Shakespeare began his career in the London theatre as an actor. Wecan be reasonably certain of this because a critic of his firstplay, Robert Greene, wrote a highly unfavourab ( Full Answer )
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What is part eagle and part lion?

a griffen has the head of a lion and back end of an eagle (or the other way around depending on how you look at it)
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What are the parts of chloroplast and function of its part?

Chloroplasts -are structures that houses the pigments and are responsible for Photosynthesis. Lamella- is an extension of a thylakoid within a chloroplast, linking a t ( Full Answer )
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What part is the outer part of a plant?

Outer part of what plant? If you're referring to a tree it's bark. But it's also cellulose, an indigestible fiber for most animals with exception to deer, elk, cows, etc. whic ( Full Answer )
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Is there a part plant part insect?

No, but euglena is part animal (it can move around) and part plant (it can make its own food.) It is a single-celled organism.
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Where does advanced auto parts get there parts?

As a wholesale and retail store of auto parts, advanced auto parts may get their parts from auto parts supplier or from the auto parts factory directly. I am sure they have an ( Full Answer )
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What part of speech is parts?

Parts is a noun (plural form of part) and a verb (third person singular conjugation of part).
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What part of a car has interchangeable parts?

All of them are interchangeable but if you mean moved around on the car some bulbs tires rims lugs knobs some rotors some lines screws and bolts not much more
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What body part has 9 parts?

does anyone know what part of the body has 9 11 13 or 15 parts or bone ?? please help me if you do because me and my friend have a project to do and we really are in need of t ( Full Answer )
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What are the parts of microscope that are illuminating parts?

a. Eye piece b. Mirror c. Diaphragm d. Pillars Eye piece- let the observer peeks through Mirror- one that collects and reflects the lights Diaphragm- one that r ( Full Answer )
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What part of speech is part of speech?

The term "part of speech" is a noun phrase , which is any word or group of words based on a noun or pronoun (without a verb) that can function in a sentence as a subject, obj ( Full Answer )
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What is a part to part comparison?

If I had two cars and they both had engines, I would look at the two engines (part) and compare them to one another - which is a better engine? Then maybe I would do that with ( Full Answer )
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What parts of a flower are the male parts?

filament, anther and connective(together known as stamen or androecium) are parts of male reproductive system.
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Why do car parts have part numbers?

Car parts have part numbers located somewhere on the part because it helps you to identify what car part it is. It also provides other information such as who the manufacturer ( Full Answer )