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The parts and functions of the parts of a microscope?

Arm = supports top part of microscope. Base = the part the microscope stands on. Lens turret= a rotating support for the objective lenses. objective lens or lenses are thos (MORE)
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What are the parts of the microscope mechanical parts?

The Mechanical Parts are: . The base - the bottom portion of the microscope that supports the microscope. . Pillar - the part above the base that supports other parts . I (MORE)
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What are the parts of a chicken?

Anatomically, the parts of a chicken are the same as for any bird. When cut up for cooking, the parts generally served are the leg, thigh, breast and wing. Chicken breasts (MORE)
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What are the parts of a bridle?

There are many different ways to add or subtract to a bridle but the basics are as follows: -headstall -browband -throatlatch -bit* -reins -curb or chin strap *There are som (MORE)
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Which parts of a violin are the main parts?

Theres a small wooden sound post inside which needs specialist repair if it becomes dislodged but the strings, wooden bridge and tailpiece at the bottom can normallly be repla (MORE)
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What are the parts of the amoeba and what does each of the parts do?

They have Cell membranes, contractile vacuoles, cytoplasm, nucleus, Food vacuoles, and pseudopods. They also have ribosomes, mitochondria, vesicles, endoplasmic reticulum, (MORE)
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Parts of the microscope and meaning of these parts?

BASE-a horseshoe or V-shaped structure which supports the entire microscope PILLAR-vertical post extending from the base to the arm ARM- curved frame where the base,body,and (MORE)
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Parts of the plant?

Plant Parts: Basic parts of most all plants are roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds. Roots Basic parts of most all plants are roots, stems, leaves, flowers, (MORE)
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What are the parts of a capacitor?

The main parts of a capacitor are: . two conducting plates separated by . an insulating material (called a dielectric) surrounded by . further insulation - plastic (MORE)
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Parts of the newspaper?

main page editorial page sports page business and agriculture pages classified ads obituary lifestyle section fun page (family pages) entertainment section s (MORE)
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Where can you get skateboard parts?

You can get parts for skateboards at Industrial Ride Shop and I'm sure a few other places. I hope this helps.
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The parts of an atom?

Well there is protons, electrons, and neutrons. Protons and neutrons are in the nucleus and the electron i outside revolving around it. The number of them depends on what peri (MORE)
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What are the parts of Pennsylvania?

I'm not sure what you are asking but I will offer this information. Eastern Pennsylvania is mostly farmlands in rural areas, or small,medium, and large cities. Cutting diagon (MORE)
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Where does advanced auto parts get there parts?

As a wholesale and retail store of auto parts, advanced auto parts may get their parts from auto parts supplier or from the auto parts factory directly. I am sure they have an (MORE)
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What are the parts of microscope that are illuminating parts?

a. Eye piece b. Mirror c. Diaphragm d. Pillars Eye piece- let the observer peeks through Mirror- one that collects and reflects the lights Diaphragm- one that r (MORE)