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Where in Richmond Virginia can Grethers pastilles be bought?

Grether's Pastilles are very hard to find in retail stores. The best place to buy them is at a website called They have the lowest prices anyw (MORE)
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Buy Dr Doolittles Blackcurrant Pastilles?

Dr. Doolittle's Blackcurrant Pastilles are soft and help soothe asore throat. You can buy them from the Doolittle e-Shop in 25 g and70 g tins.
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Are fruit pastilles vegetarian?

This depends on the brand. Read the ingredient list because somebrands of pastilles are made with gelatin -- gelatin is a proteinderived from animal products and is used as a (MORE)
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Where do fruit pastilles come from?

The Brand (the company that makes them) of Fruit Pastilles is Rowntrees Rowntrees also brand Jelly Tots and Rowntrees Randoms.
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Is fruit pastilles halal?

The confectionery Fruit Pastilles are not halal as they contain Gelatin which is a product made from animal fat. They are also not Kosher nor Vegetarian.
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Who invented fruit pastilles?

They were originally made by Rowntree's which was taken over by Nestle in 1988. (Joseph Rowntree and Henry Rowntree, both brothers invented the idea when working for Rowntree) (MORE)
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What is a pastile farming?

pastile farming is named after fields of grass called pasture which are used for grazing animals
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Fruit pastilles go free codes?

I have an unused fruit pastille go free code for anyone needing one : PMKY W736 X3GY
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Where can I get Dr Doolittle's Grapefruit pastilles?

Some store chains, like "World Market" carry these kinds of products. You can purchase them online, as well. If you visit Dr. Doolittle's company site, it gives you links to o (MORE)