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What does the power E-AT auto switch do 92 pathy?

I had the same question. I found this link, about a Nissan van with the same switch. It's an economy driving switch for the transmission. ( Full Answer )
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Words is a word that ends in -pathy?

Empathy and Sympathy . anti pathy . a pathy . osteo pathy . tele pathy . em pathy . sym pathy . neuro pathy . hydro pathy
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What actors and actresses appeared in Agria pathi - 1967?

The cast of Agria pathi - 1967 includes: Nicolas Anagnostakis Anna Iasonidou as Rinio Spyros Kalogirou as Thomas Mina Karra Nasos Kedrakas Theodoros Ktoros Mimi Maria Thanos M ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Suguna Pathy written?

Suguna Pathy has written: 'Sexual division of labour' -- subject(s): Sexual division of labor, Employment, Women