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What is patient education?

Patient education is when doctors and nurses teach patients how toimprove their health. It could involve teaching patients how toadminister their own treatments, monitor their (MORE)

Who is a patient?

A patient is a person. Every person whether well or ill has the right to be treated with human dignity.. a patient is a person with a unque problem. a patient is a person who (MORE)
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Why is patient?

If you mean WHAT is a patient, it is a person being cared for by a medical specialist. If you mean what is PATIENCE, its a feeling of control, sometimes linked with calmness (MORE)
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Is pneumonia an in-patient or out patient treatment?

Depends on the patient and the severity. In normally healthy younger people with mild to moderated cases it can usually be managed outpatient with oral antibiotics. In the ver (MORE)
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What is a patient person?

A PATINET PERSON IZ A PERSON WHO WAITS AN WAITS WAits an waits an waits an waits an waits until they egt wht they want or wht they need or wht their waiting for like im waitng (MORE)
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What does a doctor do to patients?

A physician is licensed to assess, examine, diagnose, and treat patients with a variety of illnesses or conditions in addition to evaluating the "well patient". Physicians b (MORE)

What is patient?

Patient is the term for the customer visiting the doctor. If youhave the flu or a broken bone and visit your doctor, you are thepatient.