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Do you have to pay an agent and how much do you have to pay them?

Yes, you do have to pay an agent, but not in the way you are thinking. They cost about 15% of your earnings, meaning if they are asking for money before you sell, don't hire!! ( Full Answer )
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Can you pay for a tickle?

um.......................................... yes but, you would pay for someone JUST TO TICKLE YOU? that is on you
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What does fica pay for?

The (OASDI) Old Age Survivor and Disability Insurance (FICA) (social security and Medicare taxes) all mean the same tax. Possible future social security benefits and some medi ( Full Answer )
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What is the pay at Walgreen's?

Depends on your position in the company. Front cashiers generally start at Minimum wage Cos is a few cents more Photo is a little more than that STL is around the $10 mark MGT ( Full Answer )
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What is Pay It Forward?

In the modern vernacular the phrase has been adopted to mean, "don't worry about it, just go on and be a good influence with your life, or whatever." But the source of this ph ( Full Answer )
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What does not pay?

There is an old saying that says "crime does not pay". This wasprobably said by someone who ended up in jail for a long time for apetty crime. The author is listed as anonymou ( Full Answer )
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Pay scales and pay bands?

I am a JBT Teacher. At Present my payBand is Rs. 13670 & GradePay is Rs. 3200. As per Punjab Government notifies re-revised scale for teachers w.e.f. 01.10.2011 what is my nex ( Full Answer )
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Gross pay net pay?

gross pay: the amount made before taxes net pay: the amount after subtracting taxes and benefit from yourgross pay
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What is a does not pay?

Your question is not clear but I assume you mean what does 'does not pay' mean. In short if someone in business cannot make a profit or just makes evens (i.e no profit or loss ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to pay alimony if you are paying childsupport?

If you live in the US, it's certainly possible that you might be ordered to pay both child support and alimony. Of course, it's also possible that you would only be ordered to ( Full Answer )
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Does an employer have to pay you vacation pay?

There is no federal law that requires an employer to pay you vacation pay unlike overtime. Thus, depending on your state, as well as your employment contract or if your employ ( Full Answer )
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What does Medicare pay that Medicaid does not pay?

Medicare and Medicaid coverage is virtually identical. The two principal things to remember are: Medicaid is always the payor of last resort (i.e., bill Medicare and/or privat ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to pay for this?

If yu are talking abut asking questions or making an account on , then no. You don't need to pay. wow this is good
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Do you have to pay to get on?

You don't have to pay to get onto Wiki. Wiki is a safe way to ask questions or get answers. If you want to ask a question or get an answers. In the address bar type in www. ( Full Answer )
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Does Medicare pay back pay?

Medicare is a public health insurance program; it does not pay beneficiaries. [per] "Your Initial Enrollment Period starts 3 months before you turn age 65 an ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to pay taxes if an individual pays you?

Technically, you have to pay tax for any income (unless your total is below a certain amount, sometimes) regardless of who pays you. However, things like under-the-table pay i ( Full Answer )
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When to pay movers?

You only need to pay when the move is completed. some companies do request for a deposit but most NYC companies do not.
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Do you have to pay to be on cbbc?

no you don't have to pay! if you want to be on a show just go to the cbbc website and then click on 'be on a show'! after that it will show you the list of shows available!
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Who pays for packaging?

The mainly function of packaging is to protect and advertise the products it contained, it will be sold to end user, so the end user who pays for the packaging.
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When do you have to pay for Facebook?

Facebook is only have to pay for ads on facebook or for credits for games etc.
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Where do you pay online?

I pay for a number of things online, online games mostly. After having my credit card copied or scanned (I still don't know how they've done it and where) and after some PayPa ( Full Answer )
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What is Palmer pay?

A scam--they've been in trouble for taking advantage, scaring people -- do research, NOT on their shady website -- they've been exposed ad frauds collecting on the fear of p ( Full Answer )
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Where can you pay your bill?

you dont have to pay your bills its optional most people do it because it makes them feel good about themselves
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Who pays for military recruiter pay?

Military recruiters pay is paid the exact same way as every single other soldiers pay in any of the 5 branches, all soldiers are paid by the US Government as an appropriation ( Full Answer )
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What does pai pai mean?

It has two meanings. The Pai Pai are a group of aborigines that arenative to the area of Northern Baja California, Mexico. The word"pai pai" in the Korean language also transl ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to pay for daycare if you pay support?

Reread your court order for a record of your obligations regarding child support. If you're just asking in general: it's more typical to have everything lumped together int ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to pay for pay pal account?

Not necessarily, you can get an account for free but must fund it to buy stuff from some one else using their pay pal. Also you may have to pay if you upgrade you account to h ( Full Answer )
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When you have a pay monthly phone how do you pay for it?

hi am i 13 going on 14 and i have a pay monthly phone and you can pay by cash or debit card and then you can set it up when it goes out of your bank so that is how it works
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How much will you have to pay after your insurance pays?

The answer depends upon the type of insurance involved. 1. Property damage coverage (such as auto and homeowners) have deductibles. A deductible is the amount of money that t ( Full Answer )
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Do employers have to pay you vacation pay?

That will depend on the laws of your state or country and the agreement that you have with your employer. In most cases there is no requirement that you be paid for days you d ( Full Answer )
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What does no fault pay and what does your insurance pay?

No fault coverage is a type of auto coverage that most states require a registered owner of a car to maintain. It pays a percentage of the medical expenses and lost wages of t ( Full Answer )
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Do you pay to use pay pal?

Yes, and no. It does not cost anything to open a paypal account. To use a paypal account to buy online cost nothing. To receive money they will charge an automatic fee which d ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to pay for an answer?

Yes. That'll be $10, please. Actually, you don't. Volunteers answer the questions, so there's no charge. There's also no assurance that your question will be answered at all, ( Full Answer )