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Why did Marechal Petain ask for a peace agreement?

No one really knows for sure what Petain's thinking was, but the French armies were in a hopeless military position at the time that Petain came to power in June 1940. He beli ( Full Answer )
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What is an agreement?

Agreements are deals that people make with each other. An agreement could be as simple as a mom asking her son to mow the lawn, and him agreeing to do it verbally. They can be ( Full Answer )
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Will Religion and Spirituality and Science come together to find peace and agreement?

Answer: \n. I'm assuming the question is asking about "lasting" peace. And according to the Bible... no. \n. It speaks of a time when the world will think it has achieved i ( Full Answer )
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How was the lei used as a peace agreement?

The Maile lei was used to signify a peace agreement betweenopposing chiefs. In a Heiau (temple), the chiefs would symbolicallyintertwine the green Maile vine, and its completi ( Full Answer )
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Did the UK and Argentina ever sign a peace agreement after the Falkands War?

Reading through the Wikipedia article (see related link) since war was never actually officially declared,there was no need for a peace agreement. Although the conflict resul ( Full Answer )
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What was the name of the 1977 international peace agreement brokered by Jimmy Carter?

there wasnt one in 1977 but in 1978 is when he was involved with the Camp David Accords where there were 13 days of negotiations between Egypt (President Anwar Al Sadat) and ( Full Answer )
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Why have the Jews and Arabs not been able to come to a peaceful agreement about land?

A number of things would have to take place before a long-standingpeace (as opposed to a mere cessation of hostilities) could takeplace. There are other requisites, but there ( Full Answer )
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What can a tenant with no lease agreement do if another tenant with no lease agreement is affecting anothers tenants peace at home?

This is known as a neighbor dispute, not a landlord/tenant issue. While there may not be a formal lease, as long as both tenants have the legal right to occupy the dwelling or ( Full Answer )
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How is the peace agreement made during the Paris peace conference different from Woodrow Wilson's fourteen points?

Most importantly, the Fourteen points nowhere mention theobligation of the Germans to pay war damages. In 1919 it turned outto be the first point brought forward by the French ( Full Answer )