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Where do you find a hymn entitled Peace Peace Wonderful Peace?

Answer . If you mean in what book can you find it ,then many of the Ira Sankey songbooks will have it and probably many other Baptist type hymnbooks as well. . If you are ( Full Answer )
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What was the peace corps?

An organization sponsored by the US government that sends young people to work as volunteers in developing countries..
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What is peace?

peace=love Peace is... A world without wars A world without homeless people A world without hunger A world were people get along PEACE. LOVE .HAPPINESS Peace ca ( Full Answer )
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How do you be peaceful?

Becoming more peaceful . I think to be peaceful you just have to hold your tongue. Many acts of hatred, anger, hostility and others have come from someone saying the wrong ( Full Answer )
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How can you achieve peace?

There are a great many ways in which a person can achieve peace.You could for example explore using music.
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What is a peace pole?

A Peace Pole is a monument that displays the message "May PeacePrevail on Earthâ?? in the language of the country where it hasbeen placed.
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How do you spell peace?

The word meaning "the absence of war" is spelt as you have done in the question.
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What is peace building?

peace building is the effort to promote human security in societies marked by conflict,its to find peaceful ways of resolving conflict without violence . benjamin acheampong ( Full Answer )
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What are synonyms for peace?

Synonyms for peace include calm, tranquility, accord, concord, harmony, and amity. "ataraxis", "heartsease", "pacification", "peace of mind", "peace treaty", "peacefulness", " ( Full Answer )
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When will there be peace?

There will be peace only when the jerks that started it finally find something else to do
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What is a peace?

Shanti, Peace is being free from agony and existing with at least a certain amt. of knowledge.
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Why does the peace sign stand for peace?

The peace sign is actually the symbol of nuclear disarmament. The symbol is made up of 2 "semaphoric" letters. ("N" and "D".) The meaning was later translated to mean "peace". ( Full Answer )
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How do you get peace?

you will never be able to get peace, unless the government really want peace. its impossible to change the way other people think.
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What does a harsh peace is no peace mean?

Well, since harsh means unpleasant, severe, and cruel, and peace means a state of mutual harmony between people, a harsh peace (like if this harmony between people is unpleasa ( Full Answer )
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Is peace really peace?

of course it is ...peace is not on of the things where you can say.... i am all for need to live without it for a little bit and relize you can not live without ( Full Answer )
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How do you promote peace for a peaceful world?

There are a lot of different ways. One would be to send a very convincing email to a lot of people and have them send it on, around the world. Another could be to just be nice ( Full Answer )
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What was the peace settlement?

Well,because this site is a piece of sh*t, they wont give me the f*cking answer! WikiAnswers and WikiPedia is a pile of horse sh*t! Your better off checking on Google. Hope th ( Full Answer )
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Are olmecs peaceful?

no they are very dangeres and eat dogs,cats, and people. don't be aroond bulls or cows once you see one because they are still alive. if you see one they are often on the stee ( Full Answer )
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Is Ghana peaceful?

Yes! Ghana is peaceful, in fact one of the most peaceful countries in the world.
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Peaceful in a sentence?

Gandhi had a new type of protesting in his generation - he protested against the government in a peaceful fashion.
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Is Lebanon peaceful?

Yes, Lebanon is a very peaceful country, the media shows the opposite though, which is completely wrong.
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How you can get peace in your mind?

it depends on what is bugging you, i work on this for a living, (no i dont) so i would highly sugest visiting a shrink, medatateing or buy a pet. most of those work for happyn ( Full Answer )
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Why educate for peace?

Peace is the core of everything. I disagree, education is the core. It is education that defeats ignorance and it is ignorance that allows injustice. If you look at any repr ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of peace?

the purpose of peace is to show no wars or fights just respect and kindness !
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Does peace means peace in your life?

Well.. yes because peace can be found in all different ways. Within yourself peace can be found love is a form of peace. Peace can be found when you rest as long as your calm ( Full Answer )
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Is it God's peace or Gods' peace?

Well it is dependant on what religion the person personal opinion, how many gods you are talking about. Because Gods' is referring to multiple Gods and God's is referring to o ( Full Answer )
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How was Jesus peaceful?

No action of violence, cruelty or anger has been recorded in any scriptures ,sermons or descriptions by his disciples.Every action of Jesus was peaceful.He did not protest e ( Full Answer )
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What do you do in the peace core?

You work in underdeveloped countries helping residents there build schools, construct irrigation systems, and the like.
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What was peace crops?

Peace Crops is a American volunteer program ran by the U.S government. The reason for the Peace Crops was to provide technical assistance, help people outside the United State ( Full Answer )
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How can we have peace?

At a time of war and hatred, the chance of achieving world peace looks pretty slim. But, do not get tangled in the "no can do" attitude that can tangle us further. By supporti ( Full Answer )
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Does jesus give peace or is he peace?

Jesus is considered to give peace, as he took upon our sins in the bible so we may be peaceful.
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What did The Beatles do with peace?

John Lennon really talks about it in the future, but the Beatles band has a lot of songs about peace and love
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Is a waterfall peaceful?

Yes, the waterfall gives very much peace while enjoying the beauty of nature. From the lighter side: And yet, others are irritated by the brooks' babble...
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What if there was no peace?

war. Well... There would be unrest everywhere. I'm not sure what other kind of response you could expect.