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Were the Aztecs warlike or peacefull?

the Aztecs were very warlike on example is the Aztec jaguars a very fiercefull and deadly warrior
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When is Romeo peacefull in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo never really appears to be warlike in Romeo and Juliet but he is especailly peaceful when Tybalt challenges him to a duel and he refuses. He also appears to have a disli ( Full Answer )
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Is Ireland a peacefull country?

Ireland is a relatively peaceful country. The troubles that were in Northern Ireland still result in some incidents, but they are not as significant as they once were, so Irel ( Full Answer )
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Is Islam is a peacefull religon?

if no one want to kill Muslims Islam will remain the religion of peace. Islam does not start war. but Islam has Jihad for defend against who want to kill Muslims.
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Who was a peacefull protestor?

Martin Luther King (MLK), he organised peaceful protests, marches and speeches to help achieve equal rights for blacks
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Is Minecraft a peacefull game?

Minecraft is a very peaceful game; with the exception of mobs (monsters) who you will only have to deal with at night, or even problem players such as griefers and trolls enco ( Full Answer )
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Why is Ramadan so peacefull to Muslims?

Ramazan is the holy month of peace and prayers. According to Islam,all the devils are cought and trapped inside the doors of Hell andblessings are sent down upon mankind.