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What is peptone iron agar?

peptone iron agar is used to demonstrate the production of hydrogen sulfide. ıt is more sensitive than lead acetate agar. some organisms have the enzyme to liberate hydroge ( Full Answer )
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Composition of peptone?

Peptones are derived generally from animal milk. They contain Vitamins Hormones Fat Trace elements etc., in addition to protein/ amino acids. But, generally peptones are used ( Full Answer )
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How peptone is made?

Peptone is the hydrolysis of protein. Hydrolysis is nothing but the digestion of protein into free amino acid and, protein takes from any of plant or animal and t ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of Peptone?

peptone mainly acts as a source of nitrogen and also carbon upto some extent.. in a medium, peptone being amphoteric in nature can also act as a buffer.
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What is peptone broth?

Peptone broth is a material commonly used in a lab. Scientists andresearch scientists use it to culture the growth of Salmonella andShigella.
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Role of peptone in nutrient agar?

Peptone is the simplified source of protein and can be readily uptake by the microorganism. In nurtient agar it is the basic component/nutrient after which beef or yeast extra ( Full Answer )
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What is the use of Peptone media?

Peptones :Small polypeptides that are intermediate products in the hydrolysis of proteins. The term is often used for any partial hydrolysate of proteins as, e.g., bacteriolog ( Full Answer )
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What is the Role of peptone in nutrient broth?

Nutrient broth is made with peptone and a beef extract. The role ofpeptone, an amino acid, is to supply organic nitrogen. It is awater-soluble protein is obtained by partial h ( Full Answer )
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What is the molecular formula of peptone?

Peptone cant have a molecular formula! Peptone comprises of proteins/aminoacids and several other components since its not a single compound it cant have a molecular formula.
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What is the chemical composition of peptone water?

peptone water is used as a growth medium and as a carbohydrate fermentation media. peptic digest of animal tissue(peptone) = 10.0 gm/ltr NaCl= 5.0 gm/ltr water = 1000 ml ( Full Answer )