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What is the ticker symbol for baby phat?

Baby Phat does not have a ticker symbol as it is no longer apublicly traded company. Baby Phat was founded by Kimora LeeSimmons.
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What does baby phat logo mean?

The Baby Phat logo is inspired by Kimora Lee Simmons' own phat cat, the late Max, who had been a part of her life since she was eight years old. Max passed away last fall.
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Who is Grant the Phat?

Grant the Phat, a deformed man-child from Brisbane, is well known for his grossly deformed appearance. Sixth century scholars maintain that Grant the Phat was part of the Syri ( Full Answer )
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What does phat mean?

It originated as an acronym for "Pretty Hot And Tasty." It nowis more used as a slang term meaning "cool" or "awesome."
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How old is Lil Phat?

Lil Phat died on June 7, 2012 in Sandy Springs, Georgia at the age of 19 years old (born: July 25, 1992).
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Lil phat age?

A 19-year-old man was shot and fatally wounded Thursday night outside Northside Hospital in Sandy Springs, and police were seeking an attacker who may have been seen running f ( Full Answer )
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Where is baby phat headquarter located?

Kimora Lee Simmons' Baby Phat is located within a huge skyscraper in New York City. Her ex-husband, Russell Simmons', Phat Farm is located in the same building on another floo ( Full Answer )
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Wear can you get a phat on runescape?

You can buy it from the Grand Exchange, or from other players. Please note that they are quite expensive. You can NOT make it or find it anywhere; partyhats are from a seasona ( Full Answer )
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Are there auditions for baby phat?

Not really. Baby Phat, like many other designers/companies, choose girls from modeling agencies. Sometimes there are open casting calls for fresh new faces but these are not a ( Full Answer )
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Is lil phat webbie brother?

NO they are not brothers i dont know why they keep saying that webbie real name is webster gradney jr. LIl phat name is Melvin Vernell III
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What is Phat Thai?

Thai style fry noodle, a very common food in Thailand. Official English translation is Pad Thai (or Phad Thai)
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What is phat j of brokencyde's age?

Phat J of Brokencyde is 23 years old. The band Brokencyde wasformed in 2006 and Phat J is currently pursuing a solo career.
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Who invented phat pants?

Phat Pants were first produced in Vancouver in 1995 by Laramie . The head designer was Noel Steen ...
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What is a phat kid?

PHAT is a slang. It was used mostly among street kids meaning Pretty Hot and/or Tempting. Also known as "ultimate". Honestly, I advise you not to ever use this slang. It is co ( Full Answer )
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What is A Di Da Phat?

the phrase "a di da phat" alludes to offering respectful praise to the Buddha, in Vietnamese. Often at Buddhist gatherings, especially during chants, followers of the Buddha c ( Full Answer )
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Is it phat Thai or pad Thai?

Since Thai is not written with the Roman alphabet, either conversion to the Roman alphabet is OK and arguably correct. *Nearly all Thai restaurants use pad Thai, because it ( Full Answer )
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How do i make a phat on RuneScape?

your tut\n\n. You don't. That was from a holiday event, several years ago; no new party hats are made.\n
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What is Phat Jesus?

Phat Jesus is the most excellent, attractive model of Love and Wholeness. His "Phat-ness" comes because of his clear and perfect awareness of his oneness with God. It is h ( Full Answer )
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What is baby phat best known for?

phat/fat/ . Adjective:. Excellent.. Baby "phat" is all about babies being excellent at what they do. They crawl about and laugh and cry, and without phat, they would no lo ( Full Answer )
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Does lil phat have kids?

YES, Lil Phat has a kid. Im not sure if he has more than one or not. He does have a one yr old Daughter by a girl from Gary Indiana. HATERS!
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How do you spell phat?

The slang term phat is applied to voluptuous large women, with the backronyms pretty hot and thick or pretty hot and tempting . The proper English word fat can mean ob ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get cheap phat pants?

you cant there all expensive the cheapest are about 150 or you could design your own and get the stuff for cheaper. I would buy them off
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Is Lil Phat alive?

No, Lil Phat is not alive. He was shot and killed on Thursday, June 7, 2012.
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Do all phat pants reflect?

No, only some phatts have reflecting material professionally sewn on them. Others are just made out of the same stretchy material with a plain logo on them, or in some cases n ( Full Answer )
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Is Lil Phat dead?

Yes, Lil Phat was pronounced dead at Northside Hospital in Atlanta on Thursday, June 7, 2012 after suffering multiple gunshot wounds.
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Who shot Lil Phat?

The person(s) who shot Lil Phat is not known at this time. Cops are currently looking for two suspects who were seen running away from the location of Lil Phat's shooting.
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How did Lil Phat die?

Lil Phat was shot to death by two men. The shooting incident occurred around 6:40 pm on Thursday, June 7, 2012. Lil Phat was found in a car on the second level of a parking de ( Full Answer )
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Where did Lil Phat die?

Lil Phat was shot inside the parking deck next to Northside Hospital Women's Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia. He was taken to Northside Hospital where he was officially prono ( Full Answer )
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Is lil phat a blood sacrifice?

yes cause HOW &&D HELL did Boosie get off on that murder charge then Lil Phat pop up dead?? The illuminati let Bossie WAKKazz off the hook &&he had to give up Lil Phat...smh ( Full Answer )
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Who killed Lil Phat?

The killer(s) of Lil Phat is not known at this time. Cops are currently looking for two suspects who were seen running away from the location of Lil Phat's shooting.
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Why is Lil Phat dead?

Lil Phat is dead because he was shot. The motive for the shooting is not known at this time.
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Where can you purchase Baby Phat shoes?

There are a number of retailers one can buy Baby Phat shoes from. They can be purchased from Amazon, ebay, Macy's, Walmart and from specialist shoe retailers.
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What is the cost for a Baby Phat Jacket?

A Baby Phat jacket will cost you anywhere from $17 to $30 depending on where you purchase the coat from. The price can also vary depending on the exact coat you wish to purcha ( Full Answer )