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Who was Edith Piaf?

A famous French chanteuse, or singer. Edith Giovanna Gassion was born on 19 December 1915. Abandoned by her mother, she was placed by her traveling-showman father in the care ( Full Answer )
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Was Edith piaf buried in the Catholic church?

Edith Piaf was buried in the catholic Père Lachaise Cemetery, in Paris.. The Roman Catholic Archbishop of Paris refused her a public mass because of her lifestyle but her ( Full Answer )
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How did Edith Piaf the Chanteuse die?

Edith Piaf died of liver cancer at the age of 47 at Plascassier, on the French Riviera, on 11 October 1963.
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Any photos of Edith piaf?

yes go to google, click images and then type her name in the bar and pictures will pop are you people that stupid??
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What are the song lyrics for Edith Piaf?

No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets All the things That went wrong For at last I have learned to be strong No! No regrets No! I will have no regrets For t ( Full Answer )
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Cemetery of Edith Piaf?

Edith Piaf is interred (above ground stone receptacle) at the famous Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. The name literally means Father, The Chair!
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Why did Edith Piaf take drugs?

Because of the stress of being internationally famous, and also she was depressed because one of her ex male lovers had died.
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Where is edith piaf buried?

Edith Piaf is buried in Paris, at the famous Pere Lachaise Cemetary. You can find the exact location of her burial, as well as those of other famous figures, with this website ( Full Answer )
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Did Edith Piaf have children?

Yes. At the age of 16 Edith fell in love with a delivery boy named Louis Dupont. At age 17 she gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Marcelle, but the child died of meningi ( Full Answer )
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Did Edith piaf have ostioporsis?

Probably not, she was only 47 at the time of her death ( as was Judy Garland). unlike Garland, Piaf was never in movies. She was primarily a night-club and concert entertainer ( Full Answer )
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Was Edith piaf blind?

she was completely blind at ages 3-7 and claimed to be miraculously cured when the prostitutes prayed for her on a religious pilgrimage.
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Did Edith piaf have a child?

Yes she did...she was sixteen when she was pregnant and was born a year later, and named her Marcelle. Marcelle later dies in two years of meningitis.
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What nationality was Edith Piaf?

She was born on December 19, 1915 in Paris France, so hernationality would be French.
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Why was Edith piaf called Edith?

She was named after a British nurse named Edith Cavell who helped 200 Allies escape from the Germans. This is interesting considering that Piaf herself saved many lives of Fre ( Full Answer )
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How old was piaf when she died?

Mlle Lamboukas- a.k.a. Edith Piaf was 47 years of age at her death. One hastens to add, so was Judy Garland. Piaf died in l963, Garland in l969. Piaf did, not to my knowledge ( Full Answer )
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What coulor hair did Edith piaf have?

brown with gray highlites she died in 1988 Actually, she died in 1963 and her hair color was red at the time of her death but was primarily brown throughout the rest of he ( Full Answer )
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Did Edith piaf have arthritis?

I just saw the biopic about her and then did some research because the actress depicted her as so bent and at one point in the script she says she has arthritis . The researc ( Full Answer )
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Why was Edith piaf blind?

It was claimed she was (evidentally totally) Blind between the ages of three and seven and she miraculously recovered her sight following a religious pilgrimage to Lisieux, Lo ( Full Answer )
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What songs did Edith Piaf write?

she diod not write any, but colaborated on a few, like mi Lord, and Je ne rien
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What impact did Edith piaf have on the world?

Outside of Paris and the music world- she was very much unique- in a sense like Sinatra in being a very individual character. Unlike Sinatra- as far as I know she never acted ( Full Answer )
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How many children's did Edith Piaf have?

None which survived. She had a child who died in infancy and at the time was in financial straits and it was difficult for her to get up funds to bury the body of the baby.
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What is Edith Piaf nickname?

Edith Piaf was known as The Little Sparrow - Piaf being a colloquial, French term, for a sparrow.
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What was Edith piafs greatest accomplishment?

Piaf was short, like "Napoleon short", rose from neglected beginnings and found great success. She conquered far many more countries than Napoleo. and she never had to contend ( Full Answer )
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What school did Edith piaf go to?

They say she never went to school but im not sure if thts truee..anyway hope ihelped you out:)
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What colour eyes did Edith piaf have?

In later notes of Edith Piaf's biographies, she is said to have bright blue eyes. She also very much favored blue eyes in men, which is why the song "Plus bleu que tes yeux" w ( Full Answer )
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What did Edith Piaf die of?

Piaf died of liver cancer at the age of 47 at Plascassier, on the French Riviera, on 11 October 1963.
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Did Edith Piaf believe in god?

A very interesting question! One of her songs seemed to poke a sort of sad fun at religion- this being the Three Bells or (Trois Cloches). The song is in a sense a biography o ( Full Answer )
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How old is Édith Piaf?

Édith Piaf was born on December 19, 1915 and died on October 11, 1963. Édith Piaf would have been 47 years old at the time of death or 99 years old today.
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How many albums did Edith piaf have?

The question cannot be answered directly. First of all Mme Piaf died fifty years ago. Copyrights would have expired- and there were all kinds of anthology albums with other ar ( Full Answer )
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What was Edith Piaf purpose in life?

Night club singer, cabaret artist and recording artist- a singer. She was not, strictly speaking, an actress like Judy Garland.
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What is Edith Piaf known for?

Edith Piaf, born December 19, 1915 as Edith Giovanna Gassion, was regarded as one of France's most popular national singers. Her most popular song were from 1946-1951.
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Which songs was Edith Piaf most famous for?

Edith Piaf was a widely popular French singer and had several hits. A few of her most famous songs were "Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien" , "Sous Le Ciel De Paris", " La Foule" and " ( Full Answer )
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What has the author Edith Piaf written?

Edith Piaf has written: 'Hymne a L'Amour' 'Ma vie' -- subject(s): Correspondence, reminiscences, Musicians 'The wheel of fortune' -- subject(s): Musicians, Biography ' ( Full Answer )