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What is a pickax?

It is what you use to mine ores
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How do you get a pickax in RuneScape?

You can find it inside the Dwarven Mine, to the west of Barbarian Village. They have a variety of pickaxes: bronze, iron, steel, etc.. _______________________________________ (MORE)
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Where do you get a pickax on Nabooti Island?

There is no pickax to use. The explosives by the elevator will blast the mine wall, and the White Jewel can be selected by using the magnifier at the bottom right side. (see (MORE)
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What material is suitable to manufacture pickaxes?

Basically Copper. If u want to Know some answers then go on 2 Google and then type in "" It doesn't tell u everything but it gives u more answers then u would u (MORE)
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How do you get Dragon Pickaxes?

By killing Chaos dwogres and dwarves on the Chaos Battlefield. Youneed to complete Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf to access this area.
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What is the difference between an ax and a pickax?

An ax just has a blade to chop wood. A pick ax has a blade on one side and a pick (sharp point) on the other end. The pick is used to swing the point down into rocks and pry t (MORE)
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How much does a pickax cost?

It depends on which kind you are looking for and if you want just the forged head or the head/handle combo. Pickax Head: $12-$25 Pickax Head & Handle: $16-$35 . Th (MORE)
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Are gold pickaxes good in Minecraft?

Gold Pickaxes are the fastest for mining most of the 'stone' blocks, ie, cobblestone, nether brick, sandstone, and also coal. It mines them three times faster than a Stone pic (MORE)
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Can you recharge pickaxes etc in minecraft?

You can place two damaged tools (of the exact same kind) into your crafting slots, to create a single one with slightly more durability than the two components had combined.
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What is the function of a pickax?

The pointed edge of a pickax is most often used to break up rocky surfaces or other hard surfaces such as concrete or hardened dried earth. The broad or chiseled edge is used (MORE)
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How do you craft a Diamond pickax?

You need 3 Diamonds and 2 Sticks, and it must be crafted on a Crafting Table. Imagine a 3 x 3 grid. o = Diamond I = Stick u = Blank ooo uIu uIu