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What demonic practices are there?

Too many Voodoo, ouija boards, seances, anything with mediums/soothsayers/true psychics, as well as blood sacrifices and any rituals done around the solstices, such as wicca ( Full Answer )
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What countries practice or practiced Catholicism?

Catholicism at one time dominated almost all of Europe. From Italy, Spain, Hapsburg Empire, England and etc. It was not till the Protestant revolt when areas such as the Germa ( Full Answer )
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Where is Hinduism practice?

Hinduism, a religion originating in Northern India, is practiced in buildings somewhat like churches, and cinegogs, but Hindus practice in buildings known as "Mandirs". Hindui ( Full Answer )
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What is a practical?

Practical is the synonym of realistic. When practical term is used, it simply means that the statement is not hypothetical. It can be done because it is practical.
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Where is Christianity practiced?

There are Christians everywhere around the world, but they aremostly in North America and Western Europe. It is mainly practiced in a church, but you can do it anywhere; athom ( Full Answer )
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What do Christianity practice?

Christians believe that there is one god, whom we call God. He sent His son on earth to die for us and save our sins. On the third day after he was cussified on the cross, the ( Full Answer )
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What is practice teaching?

Practice teaching Êis teaching under supervision of an experienceteacher. It isÊimportant Êbecause it grantsaÊstudent-teacherÊexperience in actualÊteaching a ( Full Answer )
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What is the practicality of Euthanasia?

The Practicality of euthanasia is that a person does not have to go through a protracted terminal and possibly painful illness. This takes a great burden of members of the fam ( Full Answer )
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What do taoist practice?

Taoism in an ancient Chinese religion. What a Taoist practicesvaries upon his lineage. Generally, Taoism is the practice ofaccepting yourself and understanding how to live to ( Full Answer )
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What is the difference between practice and practice?

Practice is a noun. Practise is a verb. Ie. You need more practice. You must practise. Unless you are writing American English, in which case it's always "practice." But ( Full Answer )
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Who practices Islam and where is it practiced?

Muslims are those who practice Islam. Islam is practiced everywhere in the world, but predominantly in South Asia, Indonesia, and Middle East and North Africa.
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Where is Islam practiced mainly practiced?

Middle East countries (Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq. Qatar, Kuwait, ...), India subcontinent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, ...), South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, ( Full Answer )
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What do you practice when practicing for netball?

You practise shooting, passing to each other, defending/intercepting balls, breaking/dodging, getting rebounds, positioning on the court, stretching your hands out, pivoting, ( Full Answer )
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Is it assembly practice or assembly practice?

If you were to say, "I need to go to my assembly ______." You would use Practice. You use practise when you are using "practice" as a verb. e.g. "I really need to prac ( Full Answer )
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When was slavery practiced?

I think slavery was every where over.But south africa was the worse of all the coutries
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Where is Satanism practiced?

Satanism is practiced in most Western countries, though verifiable numbers are -- not surprisingly -- hard to obtain, because many Satanists suffer from persecution for their ( Full Answer )
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Do you have to practice with guns?

Yes. In shooting, like in any other skill, practice makes perfect. Top competitive shooters expend many thousands of rounds a year.
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What is a sentence for practice?

He joined his father's law practice as soon as he passed the bar exam. The scandal resulted in him losing his license to practice medicine. Do you believe the old saying tha ( Full Answer )
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How do you practice karate?

You find a good instructor and learn the techniques and kata. At that point you can practice on your own.
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What is the suffix for 'practical'?

If you mean to turn it into an adverb, it is -ly. Otherwise please make your question more specific.
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Why practice aquaponics?

Recirculation of water... prevention of diseases in water resources... nitrogen cycle... water each time becomes more and more rich... while the bacteria from the crop roots g ( Full Answer )
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How can you practice esp?

Thereare many different things under the whole title of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) but psychic abilities are the most commonly associated. I most frequently have psychic d ( Full Answer )
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How do you practice religion?

Some limit their attendance to only a small number of annual events and for some it is marked on a weekly basis. For a rare few, religion is a way of life and a full time expr ( Full Answer )
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What is a sentence for practicality?

I can give you several sentences. . Practicality demands that you read the directions. . She has a lot of practicality. . I notice that you are full of practicality.
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How do you practice math?

Normally your maths teacher or tutor should teach you all the key processes needed to pass your maths exam. After all the topics have been covered one of the most effective ( Full Answer )
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Who starred on The Practice?

The Practice starred Dylan McDermott as Bobby Donnell; it also starred Kelli Williams, Camryn Mannheim, Michael Badalucco, Laura Flynn Boyle, and Marla Sokoloff.
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How do you practice feminism?

Feminism is more of a belief, but you can support equality of women. Practice your right to vote and protect the rights of women, do not demean women, and if you are a woman m ( Full Answer )
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What are the practices of slavery?

Slaves were brought and sold, they did not get a salary, they were treated as the master felt.
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What is a practice manager?

A person who manages a business and is one of the head people in the business.
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Where is druidism practiced?

Druidry is a native European religion, so in ancient times it was practised only there. Nowadays there are a number of Druidic organisations all over the world, but it is most ( Full Answer )
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Why is voodoo practiced?

Voodoo is practiced as a believe and a faith for the same reasons that any religion or faith is practiced. To better one's life, to make changes, and to become closer with one ( Full Answer )
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What can you practice snogging?

its when a boy nd girl close there eyes and stick there tongues n each others mouths nd swirls nd den he fingers her whilst standing up
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What does practical and practically mean?

Practical - so close it can be regarded as nearly virtual. Practically - bordering on, or on the verge. The two words mean the same, but are used differently in a sentence.