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How do you sell your house?

First, contact a skilled real estate broker. The broker will then give his recommendations on what needs to be done as far as fixing your home. It will then be listed and the (MORE)

If there is a lien on your house can you sell the house?

The lien must be paid at the time of the sale. You can sell your house, but the title company will pay the lien out of your proceeds or require you to come to the table with t (MORE)

How do you sell a house?

You can first contact a local real estate agent and negotiate a commission. If you are not comfortable with a real estate agent, you can put an ad in the local newspaper. I wo (MORE)

How to prepare a house for painting?

Exterior Painting- To paint the exterior of your home you need to properly power wash the house using TSP (a product from Sherwin-Williams). Verify that the paint dosent rub o (MORE)

How do you prepare to buy a house?

In this economy?? GOOD LUCK. Banks aren't lending right now and unless you have a perfect credit score, a REALLY nice down payment (about 20%) and a job that you have had fore (MORE)

How do you sell your house fast?

No matter how long your home lingers unsold, you can comfort yourself that at least you're not Mark Twain. The celebrated author put his Hartford, Conn., home on the market fo (MORE)

Selling a house after divorce?

That depends on the separation agreement incorporated into the divorce decree. Marital property should always be addressed before the decree is entered. You need to review you (MORE)

How do you prepare for exterior house painting?

Preparing an Exterior Surface for Painting It's ideal to have a clean surface before you start paintingwhether interior or exterior. As opposed to an interior paintingjob, w (MORE)

How do you prepare a housing cooperative manual?

Most US states have cooperative housing laws in the state's code of laws. A developer who builds, or unites a community, into a cooperative housing community usually hires an (MORE)
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When selling a house how can one have it sell fast?

According to eHow, it is not difficult to quickly sell a house but it can be costly. It is a good idea to hire a professional to do the busywork for you, and chances are he or (MORE)